Tuesday, August 20, 2013

He Made It...Safe and Sound!!

August 20th--Received my first email!

Hi mom! I’m here! The flight went well and there was a lady that saw me say bye to you all so she waited for me on the other side of security and walked me to my gate! Its been raining the entire time I’ve been here! When I landed I walked into the airport and almost hit my head on the roof of one of the hallways! haha There were a lot of missionaries there with me so it was nice to have others to do everything with! I’m about to go meet my companion and I don't have a lot of time to write you because I had some trouble getting into my account but if you could mail me my temple recommend that would be great! Haha you would think I would remember something like that! I love you so much and make sure to let everyone know I got here safe!! Its awesome here:) I'll talk to you later!!! I'll try to find out soon when my P day is!!! I've got to go though so if you respond I wont see it till when ever my p day is!! Love you all so much.

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