Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 96

Hello!!:) Well it sounds like everyone is doing amazing. So, that makes me happy:) ...and it looks like everyone is having a great summer!! Everything you guys are doing always sounds super fun. Even though I can't be there with everyone, for right now, it makes me happy that everyone is having a good time. These last couple of weeks have been very very stressful and full of lots of stuff to do... with the visit of Elder Alonso last week, changes this week, and the leadership council next week there is always lots to do!! We also starting planning the temple trip which is on August 7th. ...but one thing is for sure and that is that with so much to do time flys!! I can not believe I am in my last change. 

To answer your question mom... yes I will be finishing the mission as an assistant. Which is nice because I will end up finishing with 7 and a half months in this area! Which is great:) 

Anyways, there was a pretty cool experience I had this week...this week I had to go back to Molino (my last area) and while I was there I saw one of my converts and his brother that we activated when we baptized his brother. The one we activated now has his mission call and leaves for Nicaragua in September, and his brother that we baptized is now preparing to leave on his mission!! Oh I was so happy when I saw them and heard all of that. Knowing I was able to help somebody join the church and someone else go back to church and now they are going to go do the same with other people. haha I was very excited for them!! 

Well, other than that everything is going great. 19 missionaries went home this change, and so the mission just keeps changing... but its all good:) I love you all and thanks for everything! I will talk to you soon.    
elder baker

Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 95

Hi Everyone! :) Wow, I am not even sure where to start!! I feel like so much is going on here in the mission AND back at home! So many homecomings, getting ready for school, scout camps, etc. But, the good thing is that everyone sounds great!:) Lots of cool stuff going on and it makes me happy to see that everyone is happy, having a good time and enjoying the summer.

I just can't believe how fast time is flying. Its already time for changes again! ...and then I am going to be starting my last 6 weeks. haha Time is just going so so fast! But, as weird as it feels knowing I am getting close to finishing  my mission, I am also very excited to see everyone again. All of my friends and family that I really do miss A LOT!! To answer your questions about the day I get home... yes I think dinner would be fine. It is always nice to eat;)  So, you guys can go ahead and plan on going out to eat after my flight lands. As for my homecoming talk... go ahead and keep planning it for the day after I get home! I can have the talk ready before I even get home and then that Sunday will be fine. The open house... I'm not too worried about cuz I know that mom will take care of all of that:) So I hope I was able to answer all of your questions mom!! 

As for my week its been super good. Elder Alonso is an amazing man and very, very spiritual!! ...and he knows  ALOT! He has taught us lots of great things. Today was the last meeting and I loved all of it. There were lots of cool things to be learned. 

The baptism of Grizelda was amazing! We had an elder play the violin for a musical number and it sounded amazing! She did great and was very happy. Something else pretty cool about this week was that one of my converts will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood this Sunday!  When I heard about that I was very happy. So I bought him an oil container as a little gift. I am very excited to give it to him! Just knowing that somebody I baptized will now be able to give blessings to his wife and kids and bless his family in that way makes me very happy for him. 

So that is pretty much it for this week! Thanks for the emails and I will talk to everyone soon!! adios.
elder baker  

Grizelda's Baptism

Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 94

Hi!!:) Well, I am glad that everyone had a good week!! Sounds like everyone is happy and doing great. I can't believe that all of my friends are all finishing their missions! Every week when I get on I hear about somebody else getting home!! It is crazy to me. 

As for me I'm doing great! The weeks are just flying... yes Elder Stephens is still with us! He will be with us until Monday and then he will be leaving our area to go somewhere else! But, it's been super fun with him. 

Grizelda will be getting baptized this week, and Diana and Erick will be the next week! ...and yes Grizelda's baptism is on Sunday. So I will send pictures of that! ...and also this week Elder Alonso from the Area Presidency gets here to our mission. We will be having meetings with him and stuff all next week! Then after next week it is time for changes again... haha time flys. ...and then I will be starting my last transfer. Also, talking about things back in AZ, I love hearing about all the missionaries that are leaving and getting their calls and stuff! They will all love the mission soooo much!! ...and their parents will be ok:) But, I will keeps praying for all of them! Well, it is kinda a short email but thats pretty much it for this week! I love you all lots and will see you soon! adios. 
elder baker

Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 93

Hi everyone!! I cannot believe that Gunner is home! The video and the pics look great. He looks super skinny in the pictures!! ...but I am sure after two years in Peru that is what happens to you. But, I'm glad everyone is doing good and that it was a good week! Jace looks great and it looks like he had a great time in Cali. That's cool Haley is taking care of the little girl! I'm sure she will grow to love that. That is awesome that Riggs is liking all of the training and stuff! He sent me email telling me about it. 

As for me it was a good week! Time is flying right now! There was a missionary that went home and his companion came to stay with us... so now we are working with three elders... but they are both sooo fun! haha So we are having lots of fun working together right now! His name is Elder Stephens, he is from Utah! I am not sure how long we will be like this... probably just till the end of the change. We have been doing good in our area! Diana, Erick and Grizelda are all good. Diana and Erick are having a couple of doubts about being baptized on the 14th but they will be fine!:) ...and Grizelda is excited!! So right now we are doing good! 

Now I have some news about this week. President was talking to us a little bit about the changes meeting and then he brought something up to me... he has asked me to extend my mission... but only for two days! Instead of going home Thursday it would be Saturday. The reason why is that on that Friday there is another temple trip for investigators. That is just the most stressful week ever... and he said that it would help him a lot if I were there to help with everything. What he wanted me to do is bring it up with you guys, and see what you think or if you had anything planned for those two days after I get home. So what do you think?? I told him I would let him know after I talk to my family. So just give me your thoughts:) That is pretty much it for this week!! Just know I love you all lots... and will talk/see you soon. adios!!
elder baker