Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 53

Hi!! Well this week I have a little bit more time, haha we aren’t going anywhere cool today. But, sorry about last week!! I know the email wasn't very long... but this week will be a little better!!:)

Well... lets see, last week we did have the baptism!! Her name is Karla. She had kind of a hard time being able to get baptized!! She was living with another man and they weren’t married and he is kind of a drunk, and hit her at times!! So to leave him was a little scary but she did it!! And she was able to be baptized!! She now lives with her parents (recent converts) and her dad got to do the baptism!!! He was so happy. He wouldn’t stop saying it!! So to answer your question... I think that is what I love most about the mission!! Seeing the amazing changes people make that brings them true happiness, not just worldly happiness. The baptism was great!! Me and some other missionaries gave the musical number again!! It was a cool experience... and Karla brought some other friends of hers that we are now teaching!!! It all worked out good:)

As for the week, we’ve been working like crazy. I’ve pretty much not been working in my area at all these last two weeks... I’ve just been going to other areas in the zone helping out the missionaries and meeting their investigadores!! But the results are really showing!! Every area in the zone should be baptizing this month!! ...and as a zone we are baptizing 22 people. So thats pretty cool!! I really do love it. Sometimes it is hard... actually most of the time its hard!! But, there is always that one thing that just keeps you going. I can honestly say that learning more and more about the atonement and really trying to understand it has helped so much in the mission!! ...and it gives me that excitement to work!!

So this week has been a good one!! I really like my area and ward!! I can't believe its been a year!! That is a little crazy to me. I love you all so much!! Thanks for the emails!:) adios. 

elder baker

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 52

Hey mom!! I just wanted to send you a quick letter so you know I'm alive!! haha We went to this super cool lake today and we are just getting back and I didnt get to write... so, I'm very sorry for how short it is!! But, I got good pictures!!:) I will send a better letter next week... I promise! Because p-day ends in 5 minutes! love you!!:)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 51

Hey!! Well it sounds like once again everyone is doing great!! That makes me happy. haha. I love all of the pictures. The picture of the Monster Pong kit made me laugh.. hahaha.   

That is awesome that you found that mission page on Facebook!! I remember that like it was yesterday!! Time goes by so fast. 

Anyway... that would be awesome if Shaun came here!! I could tell her all of the secrets about El Salvador. Haha

Anyway I am doing good!! This week was a little crazy... We had a leadership meeting on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we went to the temple with all of our investigadores again!! It was awesome. I LOVE the temple here in El Salvador!! I cannot wait for the next time that we get to go and enter. We had 62 investigators come as a zone. So that’s pretty good! I am excited to see some of the results of the temple trip. Like baptisms!! We have some really positive people right now!! Karla (the one with a date) will be baptized this Saturday!! So I am happy about that. OH and the investigators that me and Elder Griffin put the dates with, before I left, got baptized on Sunday!!! I was very happy to hear that...even though I couldn’t go.  I am so happy to hear that they were able to get baptized!! We are doing better here in our area!! We have a lot of ward activities planned and the members here are amazing!! This last Sunday we had 207 people in church!!  That’s the first time that ever happened here!! So this ward is amazing. The best I’ve been in during my mission. 

Me and my comp are doing good!! We are all having fun and livin it up here in El Salvador. We all have fun in the house. The best thing about this area is that every night we have members that give us food!! Haha... I love that. It also means we have to be working out... see we have been running and working out every morning!! So we can stay looking good;) hahaha

….oh and the name of Elder Galvin's comp is Edgardo Mejia!! 

Anyway I am doing good!! I miss you all like crazy. I will talk to you soon!!

elder baker

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 50

Hello!! Well it for sure sounds like you guys had a crazy week!! I read dads email... that guy and his knees… hahaha. I hope he starts to feel better!! I told him to make sure he gets a blessing. 

It is crazy to hear that everyone is starting school again!! They all look so good... and they are all growing up so much!!! 

I can’t believe all the changes there were with the ward!! Do we still meet in the same building!? That is sad Bishop Welch got released, but I am sure the Lord needs him somewhere else because he is an amazing man!! I am so happy our bishop didn’t change!! Are the Tolmans still in the ward!?! 

Anyway... I had a good week! I’ll start with the fact that the Lord blessed us so much this week. We have been praying so much! We did the fast as a district for the mission work, and we just needed some help... and we got the help we needed!! In the last two weeks our zone had only been bringing like 14 to 18 people to church and this week we had 32!! And we have been putting more dates as a zone too!! In our area we went from like 0 progressing investigators to now we have one date for the 17th of this month!!! I am soooooo happy to be seeing these blessing. We needed them!! 

Some of the cool stuff this week... when we went to eat with the Florez fam.. they actually had a picture of me and their son in their house!! They said their son had sent it to them from the mtc!! They just kept asking me about their son. It was just really cool!!! Also, I met one of Val Galvan’s comps from his mission!! He is in my ward. So that was pretty cool too!! Haha its a small world. 

As for things with my comp... yes we get along well.. we laugh a lot, and he is cool! But, its still not the same as being with someone from Arizona! haha but he’s cool!! Anyway… I am good... and having fun!! I love you all. Thanks for the emails!! adios. 

elder baker