Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 83

Hello!! Well, we had a good week here in the mish:) Time just keeps going by fast, but its all fun! This week is going to be the craziest week of my life!! Crazy enough that I dont think that next Friday I'm going to be writing... there won't be time! But, if I don't, I will end up writing Saturday morning. 

On Monday we are in the office all day doing numbers and stuff. Tuesday all of the new missionaries get here and all day we are teaching classes to them, doing orientation stuff, and getting them all settled in! Wednesday are the changes (which we have been planning all this week). Thursday is our last day to get everything ready to go for the temple trip, for investigators of the whole mission, which is on Friday.  Friday we are in San Salvador all day at the temple trip which is probably the most stressful day of the mission... making sure everything runs smoothly! Then Saturday and Sunday we have general conference. So it is going to be a crazy week!! haha But, it will also go by very fast. So, just so you guys know I'm not sure when I will be writing this next week... but I promise I will at least send a message saying I am alive;) haha i love you all and thanks for the emails!! I'll talk to you soon. Adios.
elder baker

Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 82

Hello!! Well, it was nice hearing from everyone:) I'm just telling you now my email might be a little bit short again, because I am going to be getting everything ready for school again!! 

I had a great week! We had the baptism with the fam Acevedo. It was amazing!! President came to the baptism. Nelson (the dad) shared an amazing testimony after the baptism. The spirit was very, very strong. The week went by super fast and yesterday we went on iner changes with Elder Peck!! My comp from the MTC. It was fun!:) It was the first time we had taught together since the MTC!! We laughed a lot and had some fun talking about all the cool stuff that has happened in the mission! We were also talking about how crazy fast time is going by and how fast these next 4 months are going to go by!! It still freaks me out;) 

Anyway...I got the package! tell them i say thanks so much!! It was nice getting a package I wasn't even expecting... and the food is always nice to have!! Well thanks for the emails!! I love hearing from everyone, and would love if you could give me Aunt Rachaels email or have her email me! I love you all and will talk to you soon!! adios.
elder baker 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 81

Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that this email is going to be very short cuz I want a little bit more time to email mom and talk about school and stuff!! 

The week was great. Today we had a special meeting for district leaders. So we have been with all of the district leaders of the mission, teaching them and stuff. Then on Wednesday we had the leadership council which i always love!! I learn a lot.... and..... WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS! haha I have been wanting to watch that pretty bad and Pres. finally showed us!! 

The best part of the week is that the fam Acevedo gets baptized tomorrow. So, I am very happy about that. We had a very spiritual lesson with them. When baptism for the dead got brought up... after teaching for a little bit, he had a question about some of his family members that have died...  where they are right now and how he can help them. He just started to cry saying he needed to go to the temple. 

Well i love you all sooo much and thanks for all of the emails. Sorry the letter is so short, but I will talk to you all soon. adios!!!
elder baker

ps--here is the picture for the week!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 80

Hey everyone!! I'm glad to hear that everyone had an amazing week and that you all sound great. I am glad to see Riggs is feeling better and that everyone is still enjoying skateboarding!! Let me just tell you it scares me so much that I have to start getting ready for school when I get back! It scares me for two reasons 1) I feel like I dont remember ANYTHING 2) it means that I am coming down to the last few months of my mission and 3) as it is my English has gotten worse... so how am I going to type papers and stuff... hahaha I am just hoping that the Lord blesses me and that I can use the study skills I have learned from the mission! 

As for the week it was amazing. We had a very spiritual lesson with a family, the Acavedo family. During the lesson we just asked them, as a family  to get on their knees and pray... asking if they should be baptized. As they started to say the prayer the dad, Nelson, started to cry and said yes we need to be baptized!! ...and said they want to be baptized on the 14th of March!! The spirit helped us 100% in that lesson!!!! 

Then these last 3 days we have have things called multi zone conferences. Every day since Wednesday, till today, 3 zones have come to the mission office for a big meeting. Between pres and us, we teach the entire day from 9am till 330 pm!! hahaha its kinda tiring, but I like it! But, at 10 30 at night, when we are still taking numbers from all of the zones, I am dead from being so tired. haha But, it's all a great and I learn a lot from all of it:) Well I love you all so much!! and will talk to you soon. adios!!
elder baker