Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 83

Hello!! Well, we had a good week here in the mish:) Time just keeps going by fast, but its all fun! This week is going to be the craziest week of my life!! Crazy enough that I dont think that next Friday I'm going to be writing... there won't be time! But, if I don't, I will end up writing Saturday morning. 

On Monday we are in the office all day doing numbers and stuff. Tuesday all of the new missionaries get here and all day we are teaching classes to them, doing orientation stuff, and getting them all settled in! Wednesday are the changes (which we have been planning all this week). Thursday is our last day to get everything ready to go for the temple trip, for investigators of the whole mission, which is on Friday.  Friday we are in San Salvador all day at the temple trip which is probably the most stressful day of the mission... making sure everything runs smoothly! Then Saturday and Sunday we have general conference. So it is going to be a crazy week!! haha But, it will also go by very fast. So, just so you guys know I'm not sure when I will be writing this next week... but I promise I will at least send a message saying I am alive;) haha i love you all and thanks for the emails!! I'll talk to you soon. Adios.
elder baker

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