Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 58

Hi everyone!! Well I had a good week... and I cant believe how fast it went. I don't know why, but the week went by sooo fast!! Maybe it was because me and my comp didn't work together in our area from Tuesday till Saturday.  We literally worked all over the zone this week visiting the other areas and working with the other areas. I think that that is why the week went by so fast!! 

As for you guys it sounds like everyone had a good week. I love hearing every week how good everyone is doing! Jace with football, Haley with school and singles ward, and the little boys with everything that they do!! I can't believe Riggs is playing soccer!! haha I will have somebody to play with when I get home. That is crazy what the guy in Haley's single ward said during his talk!! That had to have been a little weird for everyone... I cant imagine how all of the guys felt!! haha 

Anyways... I'm doing good!! We had two baptisms this week!! Wilbur and Rafael. haha something funny is that later on that day, the hermanas had a baptism and they couldn't open the door to the font... and the baptism had already started... so the bishop had me put my white clothes back on and they had everyone in the room leave for a minute. As soon as they left, they had me run and jump over the glass wall into the font... to open they door from the inside of the font! haha It was a little funny. Then they let all of the people come back into the room having no idea what had even happened! haha but the baptism went well!! 

Also as a zone this week we had 43 investigadores in church... as a zone!! I was super happy about that. So we keep doing better as a zone. I just hope we can keep doing better and better!! Well thanks for the email, and have a great week everyone!! adios.

elder baker

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 57

Hello!! Well... from that email it sounds like everyone has had a great week!! I cant believe that Syd is married.. haha thats so weird but I'm happy for her!! That is sick that Jace's team is doing so good!! How is he doing personally?? He has always been an athletic guy, so I'm sure he's doing good!! I love hearing the everyone is doing so good!! I miss you all so much... and i hope you all know that and how much i love you!! 

I'm doing good... this week has been a very humbling week for me. We have been teaching some VERY poor people this week. There was one member that asked us to visit his brother.  So one day during the week we went looking for his house and nobody knew where he lived... until someone said "i think its that man sitting on the ground over there".  So we went and talked to him and sure enough it was him!! He doesn't have a house. He showed us where he lives and it is what he has made out of trash and things he has found in the street for the past years! He is 85 and has a great heart. We are going to give him some clothes to wear so he can go to church looking clean and his brother is going to take him to get his hair cut because its kinda gross... but he said he will be going to church next week!! So we we keep trying to help him. 

The other family we contacted this week was with our misson pres. This family lives underneath some sheets of metal being held up by bamboo... and they have the sweetest little 5 year old daughter. She is so nice and has some very big dreams for her future! The husband recently had and accident working on a roof...he fell off and broke his hip, collar bone, and cracked his head open. So he can't really move and just stays in his bed. We gave him a blessing and he has started trying to walk!! So thats good.

These are the reasons the mission helps me so much!! its is just such a humbling experience. 

Other than that we had a big zone service project too! Pres and his wife came and it ended up turning out really well! We cleaned a park. haha and other than the fact I hit pres in the face with a big branch that I picked up off the ground and made him bleed... it was pretty good!! hahaha Of course he didn't get mad... he knew it was an accident. 

Well thanks for the emails. We are doing great here!! We actually have a new bap date for the 3rd of October. So pray for that!! Thanks for all of the support. Tell everyone I love them!!

elder baker

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 56

Hi everyone!!:) Well first I am so happy to hear that Jordan got his mission call!!! I am so very proud of him. He will be a great missionary and I can't wait to hear about all of the great experiences he is going to have.

My comp is doing good!! He said his health and mind set about everything have gotten better ever since he has gotten here to this area! So, that is good. We work well together and we get along well! I am just curious to see if pres will let us stay together more than one change!! haha

That is cool that its been raining a lot in AZ! It has been here too. I’ve kinda grown to not like the rain as munch any more... I just don't like always being wet!! BUT it does give a good reason for people to let us in their houses! haha Because even people that don't like Mormons have a heart and let us in when its raining!! But, there are still those people that will just still say no... haha its all part of the mission!!

So we are doing good here!! We have some really good people!!! There is one guy named Esteven, and he is super positive!! His wife is catholic and is completely against us, but he loves the church and wants to be baptized!! The other night he said the closing prayer and when we were done we kinda just sat there for a minute and he said... I’m not going to lie, I want to be where you guys are at. We explained to him that those feelings come from the spirit! It was awesome and he is awesome!! 

I can't believe I am not going to be there when Sydney gets married.......

Well I love you all and love reading the emails!!! Have a great week:) adios.

elder baker

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 55

Hello!! Well... I am so sorry this week was a little hard for Riggs!! I will for sure write him a letter to tell him I love him and I am praying for him!! I am sure that was very hard for the family and I hope they are doing ok. I promise I will be praying for all of them!! 

As for the questions...yes we had transfers... and, yes it is very stressful!! haha All the freaking missionaries and their suitcases!! They just get dropped off with us and we load them in the truck and take them to the houses. But, when one suitcase doesn't get to them its like the end of the world!! haha BUT... we did it and all is well:)

As for my comp, his name is Elder Toledo and he is from Mexico!! He is my third comp from Mexico! haha We think the Lord just likes me with the Mexicans. But, he is awesome!! I can't even describe how much being with him is a testimony builder...and I will explain why.  3 weeks ago his mom died from cancer. He has 21 months in the mission, and even though he is pretty much done with his mission and could have gone home with honor, he chose to stay on his mission and finish his 2 years!! He is doing great. I have heard that for the past couple weeks he has been kind of a mess. One day, when we were walking down the street he just started crying, and he told me that ever since he came to this area he has started to feel better! He also said that it is easier for him to work now!! So it is awesome being with him! I have only known him for like a week, but I love that guy and hope i can help him. 

We are doing good!! We had some people in church and we put a goal with one of them for the 27th of this month!! I haven't gotten the package yet... but hopefully soon!:) I love you all sooo much! and thanks for the emails! Talk to you all soon. adios

elder baker
This picture was taken off of the mission Facebook page.  It was taken on transfer day! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 54

Hello!! Well we had another good week:) Today they told us that my comp has changes...I just think its weird that I haven't had a comp for more than one change since last year!! haha This change went by soooo fast...I honestly feel like yesterday was the first day of the change!! Two of the missionaries we live with are leaving so that's gonna be a little difference in the house!! I guess we will see how it goes:) 

Anyway... the week was good! This month, as a ward, we baptized 11 people!! That is pretty good for one month in just one ward, I think!! I'm not sure what its like in other missions though!! August was a pretty successful month for us!! Our zone was the 2nd highest baptizing zone in the mission!! So that makes me happy...because it means a lot of people made the best decision they will ever make. 

I'm glad to hear that every one at home is doing good!! What makes me more happy than anything is that Jordan's papers are in!!!! I am so proud of him, and now that he has made that change in his life, that will help him a lot with helping other people make changes!!! He will be a good missionary.

The pictures you sent me are amazing!! I love so much the Gilbert temple!!! I WANT TO GO SOOOOO BAD. But, I know some day I will be able to... so for now I will just stick with the El Salvador temple;) 

Mom, I haven't gotten the package yet... but I'm sure it will get here soon and I promise I will let you know when i get it!! 

I cant believe that you will be teaching a class at NAU! That is awesome. You are just all over the place with work huh!? but I'm happy it makes you happy!! 

You said that there aren't as many people at church anymore.. how many would you say there are!? 


elder baker