Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 54

Hello!! Well we had another good week:) Today they told us that my comp has changes...I just think its weird that I haven't had a comp for more than one change since last year!! haha This change went by soooo fast...I honestly feel like yesterday was the first day of the change!! Two of the missionaries we live with are leaving so that's gonna be a little difference in the house!! I guess we will see how it goes:) 

Anyway... the week was good! This month, as a ward, we baptized 11 people!! That is pretty good for one month in just one ward, I think!! I'm not sure what its like in other missions though!! August was a pretty successful month for us!! Our zone was the 2nd highest baptizing zone in the mission!! So that makes me happy...because it means a lot of people made the best decision they will ever make. 

I'm glad to hear that every one at home is doing good!! What makes me more happy than anything is that Jordan's papers are in!!!! I am so proud of him, and now that he has made that change in his life, that will help him a lot with helping other people make changes!!! He will be a good missionary.

The pictures you sent me are amazing!! I love so much the Gilbert temple!!! I WANT TO GO SOOOOO BAD. But, I know some day I will be able to... so for now I will just stick with the El Salvador temple;) 

Mom, I haven't gotten the package yet... but I'm sure it will get here soon and I promise I will let you know when i get it!! 

I cant believe that you will be teaching a class at NAU! That is awesome. You are just all over the place with work huh!? but I'm happy it makes you happy!! 

You said that there aren't as many people at church anymore.. how many would you say there are!? 


elder baker

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