Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 58

Hi everyone!! Well I had a good week... and I cant believe how fast it went. I don't know why, but the week went by sooo fast!! Maybe it was because me and my comp didn't work together in our area from Tuesday till Saturday.  We literally worked all over the zone this week visiting the other areas and working with the other areas. I think that that is why the week went by so fast!! 

As for you guys it sounds like everyone had a good week. I love hearing every week how good everyone is doing! Jace with football, Haley with school and singles ward, and the little boys with everything that they do!! I can't believe Riggs is playing soccer!! haha I will have somebody to play with when I get home. That is crazy what the guy in Haley's single ward said during his talk!! That had to have been a little weird for everyone... I cant imagine how all of the guys felt!! haha 

Anyways... I'm doing good!! We had two baptisms this week!! Wilbur and Rafael. haha something funny is that later on that day, the hermanas had a baptism and they couldn't open the door to the font... and the baptism had already started... so the bishop had me put my white clothes back on and they had everyone in the room leave for a minute. As soon as they left, they had me run and jump over the glass wall into the font... to open they door from the inside of the font! haha It was a little funny. Then they let all of the people come back into the room having no idea what had even happened! haha but the baptism went well!! 

Also as a zone this week we had 43 investigadores in church... as a zone!! I was super happy about that. So we keep doing better as a zone. I just hope we can keep doing better and better!! Well thanks for the email, and have a great week everyone!! adios.

elder baker

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