Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 57

Hello!! Well... from that email it sounds like everyone has had a great week!! I cant believe that Syd is married.. haha thats so weird but I'm happy for her!! That is sick that Jace's team is doing so good!! How is he doing personally?? He has always been an athletic guy, so I'm sure he's doing good!! I love hearing the everyone is doing so good!! I miss you all so much... and i hope you all know that and how much i love you!! 

I'm doing good... this week has been a very humbling week for me. We have been teaching some VERY poor people this week. There was one member that asked us to visit his brother.  So one day during the week we went looking for his house and nobody knew where he lived... until someone said "i think its that man sitting on the ground over there".  So we went and talked to him and sure enough it was him!! He doesn't have a house. He showed us where he lives and it is what he has made out of trash and things he has found in the street for the past years! He is 85 and has a great heart. We are going to give him some clothes to wear so he can go to church looking clean and his brother is going to take him to get his hair cut because its kinda gross... but he said he will be going to church next week!! So we we keep trying to help him. 

The other family we contacted this week was with our misson pres. This family lives underneath some sheets of metal being held up by bamboo... and they have the sweetest little 5 year old daughter. She is so nice and has some very big dreams for her future! The husband recently had and accident working on a roof...he fell off and broke his hip, collar bone, and cracked his head open. So he can't really move and just stays in his bed. We gave him a blessing and he has started trying to walk!! So thats good.

These are the reasons the mission helps me so much!! its is just such a humbling experience. 

Other than that we had a big zone service project too! Pres and his wife came and it ended up turning out really well! We cleaned a park. haha and other than the fact I hit pres in the face with a big branch that I picked up off the ground and made him bleed... it was pretty good!! hahaha Of course he didn't get mad... he knew it was an accident. 

Well thanks for the emails. We are doing great here!! We actually have a new bap date for the 3rd of October. So pray for that!! Thanks for all of the support. Tell everyone I love them!!

elder baker

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