Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last Quick Note...

Hey Mom! This email will end up being very short because I don't have a lot of time, but the week went very good. It was weird sending missionaries home and a little sad receiving my ap replacement,  but it was a cool experience! Last night I went to the going home dinner at president's house with everyone else going home, we ate and had a testimony meeting. It was weird saying bye to all the missionaries that were in my MTC district!! I feel like just yesterday we all got here. But, after everything I feel happy knowing I have finished the mission! ...and I feel like I did the best I could during these last two years. Today we will be getting stuff ready for tomorrow and then it's time to come home!! Thanks for everything mom. I am excited to see you. See you Saturday!!:) 
elder baker

Friday, July 31, 2015

Week 101--Elder Baker's Final Email

Hello everyone!! Well, I can not believe the time has actually come to send my last email out to everyone. Starting my last week as a missionary sounds so crazy to me but I am very excited. Every day I get more and more nervous... more and more excited, and more more curious about what it's going to be like once I get back. This mission has been two of the most important and life changing years of my life. 

This week I had my last interview with president and he told me lots of really cool things. He told me about the priorities I need to have as a returned missionary and just some of the things to expect as I get home. Then we talked a lot about the mission and things I've learned, how I've applied it to my life, and how I have felt the power of the Atonement in my life being a missionary. I'll tell you right now that if there is one thing I've grown to love and understand better it is the Atonement. I know that probably 99% of returned missionaries say that same thing about the atonement, but I think I've just come to realize the effect it has in my life and how it can continue to change my life. I am so thankful for this gospel and the opportunity I have had to be a missionary sharing it. It wasn't always easy, at times it was very hard! A quote I have relied on most of my mission is "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it", and I can now say I know that it was worth it. ...but the most important thing is to understand is that now it is time to come home, and live everything I have learned. These next couple of days I will be visiting lots of people and saying bye! One reason I am happy I will be at the temple trip is I will see EVERYONE!! I have come to love the people here so much, and I'm going to be able to see everyone from my old areas and all of the missionaries. So that is one big advantage to be staying two extra days. 

Tonight I will be having my last baptisms. Brandon and his sister are getting baptized tonight at 6pm. It is going to be really cool. There are lots of people excited for them to get baptized. 

Thanks for everything. Thank you for all of the support you have given me, and thank you for the love I have felt from everyone while I have been gone. Have an amazing week and I will see you all on Saturday!!:) LOVE YOU!!! 
--Elder Baker

Friday, July 24, 2015

Week 100!!!

Hi everyone!!:) Well, let me tell you that this week went by super fast... we did lots of inner changes!! Usually we only do two, but this week president asked us to do three so we went and worked with the zone leaders of Molino, Modelo, and Ahuachapan!! It was cool though!! I got to go to Molino for the last time:) (which is my favorite area from my whole mission) and got to say bye to some people. It was kinda weird saying bye, but it was a cool experience! Some of them still want to go out to eat one more time and some are planning to come to the changes meeting to say bye! haha There are lots of people I am going to miss. But, the cool thing about staying for the temple trip is that that day I will be seeing the entire mission and so I'll be able to say bye to some people there too!! 

As for our area Brandon and his sister are still getting ready for next weekend. They are very excited! ...and then the weekend after they get baptized Brandon is going to be able to go the temple!! Its going to be awesome. What else happened this week?? I got to go work with Elder Peck for the last time this week!! It's weird to think that its been almost two years since we were comps in the MTC!! 

Now for your week... I'm glad everyone is doing good! You all look great! ...and that is cool that Elder Griffin was able to go hang out with you guys for a little bit. I'm way excited to see everyone!! ...and I'm glad Haley's papers are getting all done with and they are going to be sending them out!! I can't wait to find out where she goes. Well I love you all so much!! Miss you and can't wait to see you. Talk to you soon!! Adios.
elder baker 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Week 99

Hi everyone!!:) Well, once again sounds like everyone had an amazing week. That's crazy Jace is now a priest... time is flying and he is growing up so fast!! I love that guy. Thanks for the pictures!! Everyone looks great. 

It seems like everyone is having fun! Every week I think I start to get more and more exited to see everyone. There is still lots to do here... thats for sure! But, I am getting very excited!! Thats cool school is starting up again! 
Summer went by pretty fast huh?? 

That is awesome Haley received her blessing I'm sure she loved that. That will help her lots now that she is preparing to go onto a mission!! 

Thanks for sending the topic for my talk. Now I can start working on that:) ...and good luck this weekend going to the three homecoming talks! I am sure that will be crazy, but it will be cool listening to all of them! 

As for my week, it was good! We started planning a little bit 
more for the temple trip coming up! To answer your, I wasn't able to go visit any of my old areas. But, we did do some iner changes this week! To be honest the week was just kinda a normal week... not too much exciting stuff!! 

We do have two baptisms planned for my last sunday in the mission! Brandon and Yahaira  Orillana. So we are excited for that!! Other than that we are just working hard, finding new people and trying to keep the area in good condition!! 
Thanks for everything! I loved the emails and pictures. 
Have an amazing week and I will talk to you soon. adios!!
elder baker

Friday, July 10, 2015

Week 98

Hello everyone!!:) Well, I can't believe two more of my friends are now home!! Its so weird seeing all of the pictures of everyone together. But, it makes me a little bit excited to see everyone again!!! I love getting all of the pictures and seeing how happy everyone looks. 

This week was very good! We has a district leader council for all of the DLs in the mission... so us and president were the ones talking and teaching! It was really good and everything went well. 

Then I got to go work in Atiquizaya again! haha its funny when the people see me because now all they say is "you are still here!?" hahaha but its always nice to go back and see people again:) ...but whats crazy is that exactly a year ago from today I was in Atiquizaya with Elder Griffin.  

This week I also got to go work in an area called Aldea, and i got to work with another elder that came with me and is leaving this same change so it was cool getting to work with him:) Other than that not too much happened this week! We are just working hard and trying to keep things rolling in the area and in the mission. ...and time keeps flying! This week was another one that just flew... but thanks for everything!! 
I loved all of the pics!! I will talk to and see you all soon. 
love you!!!
elder baker

Friday, July 3, 2015

Week 97

Hello!! Well, sounds like it was a super crazy week!!! haha Lots of crazy stories, parties, injuries, surgery's, and it just looks to me that everyone was having lots of fun!:) Except dad of course... I'm sure that was pretty hard! But, he will be ok. Especially because he got a blessing! Other than that accident it sounded like a pretty fun week:) 

That is awesome that Haley has decided to go on a mission. It's just going to be crazy having to send out another one from the family, but she will love it! I'm very proud of her... and she will do great!! 

As for me I had a good week! The leadership council was great. This week actually went by very very fast!!! I felt like just yesterday I was sitting here writing you all and now I'm here again! ...but its just because we have been doing lots! The meeting and then inter changes on Tuesday and Thursday, so its just been kinda busy but its all fun and time flys!! 

My comp kinda got sick this week so one day we didnt leave to work cuz he said his body was hurting him so bad! So we just stayed in the house... which can be very boring!! But, he is feeling a little better now so thats the good news:)) oh and what is crazy now is that its July!!! I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July and they have fun! Its crazy that a year ago I was with Elder Griffin in Atiquizaya working in blue pants and red ties!! haha I feel like that was yesterday. Well, everything is great here.  I love you all lots. Have an amazing week, and I'll see and talk to you soon!! adios. 
elder baker

Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 96

Hello!!:) Well it sounds like everyone is doing amazing. So, that makes me happy:) ...and it looks like everyone is having a great summer!! Everything you guys are doing always sounds super fun. Even though I can't be there with everyone, for right now, it makes me happy that everyone is having a good time. These last couple of weeks have been very very stressful and full of lots of stuff to do... with the visit of Elder Alonso last week, changes this week, and the leadership council next week there is always lots to do!! We also starting planning the temple trip which is on August 7th. ...but one thing is for sure and that is that with so much to do time flys!! I can not believe I am in my last change. 

To answer your question mom... yes I will be finishing the mission as an assistant. Which is nice because I will end up finishing with 7 and a half months in this area! Which is great:) 

Anyways, there was a pretty cool experience I had this week...this week I had to go back to Molino (my last area) and while I was there I saw one of my converts and his brother that we activated when we baptized his brother. The one we activated now has his mission call and leaves for Nicaragua in September, and his brother that we baptized is now preparing to leave on his mission!! Oh I was so happy when I saw them and heard all of that. Knowing I was able to help somebody join the church and someone else go back to church and now they are going to go do the same with other people. haha I was very excited for them!! 

Well, other than that everything is going great. 19 missionaries went home this change, and so the mission just keeps changing... but its all good:) I love you all and thanks for everything! I will talk to you soon.    
elder baker

Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 95

Hi Everyone! :) Wow, I am not even sure where to start!! I feel like so much is going on here in the mission AND back at home! So many homecomings, getting ready for school, scout camps, etc. But, the good thing is that everyone sounds great!:) Lots of cool stuff going on and it makes me happy to see that everyone is happy, having a good time and enjoying the summer.

I just can't believe how fast time is flying. Its already time for changes again! ...and then I am going to be starting my last 6 weeks. haha Time is just going so so fast! But, as weird as it feels knowing I am getting close to finishing  my mission, I am also very excited to see everyone again. All of my friends and family that I really do miss A LOT!! To answer your questions about the day I get home... yes I think dinner would be fine. It is always nice to eat;)  So, you guys can go ahead and plan on going out to eat after my flight lands. As for my homecoming talk... go ahead and keep planning it for the day after I get home! I can have the talk ready before I even get home and then that Sunday will be fine. The open house... I'm not too worried about cuz I know that mom will take care of all of that:) So I hope I was able to answer all of your questions mom!! 

As for my week its been super good. Elder Alonso is an amazing man and very, very spiritual!! ...and he knows  ALOT! He has taught us lots of great things. Today was the last meeting and I loved all of it. There were lots of cool things to be learned. 

The baptism of Grizelda was amazing! We had an elder play the violin for a musical number and it sounded amazing! She did great and was very happy. Something else pretty cool about this week was that one of my converts will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood this Sunday!  When I heard about that I was very happy. So I bought him an oil container as a little gift. I am very excited to give it to him! Just knowing that somebody I baptized will now be able to give blessings to his wife and kids and bless his family in that way makes me very happy for him. 

So that is pretty much it for this week! Thanks for the emails and I will talk to everyone soon!! adios.
elder baker  

Grizelda's Baptism

Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 94

Hi!!:) Well, I am glad that everyone had a good week!! Sounds like everyone is happy and doing great. I can't believe that all of my friends are all finishing their missions! Every week when I get on I hear about somebody else getting home!! It is crazy to me. 

As for me I'm doing great! The weeks are just flying... yes Elder Stephens is still with us! He will be with us until Monday and then he will be leaving our area to go somewhere else! But, it's been super fun with him. 

Grizelda will be getting baptized this week, and Diana and Erick will be the next week! ...and yes Grizelda's baptism is on Sunday. So I will send pictures of that! ...and also this week Elder Alonso from the Area Presidency gets here to our mission. We will be having meetings with him and stuff all next week! Then after next week it is time for changes again... haha time flys. ...and then I will be starting my last transfer. Also, talking about things back in AZ, I love hearing about all the missionaries that are leaving and getting their calls and stuff! They will all love the mission soooo much!! ...and their parents will be ok:) But, I will keeps praying for all of them! Well, it is kinda a short email but thats pretty much it for this week! I love you all lots and will see you soon! adios. 
elder baker

Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 93

Hi everyone!! I cannot believe that Gunner is home! The video and the pics look great. He looks super skinny in the pictures!! ...but I am sure after two years in Peru that is what happens to you. But, I'm glad everyone is doing good and that it was a good week! Jace looks great and it looks like he had a great time in Cali. That's cool Haley is taking care of the little girl! I'm sure she will grow to love that. That is awesome that Riggs is liking all of the training and stuff! He sent me email telling me about it. 

As for me it was a good week! Time is flying right now! There was a missionary that went home and his companion came to stay with us... so now we are working with three elders... but they are both sooo fun! haha So we are having lots of fun working together right now! His name is Elder Stephens, he is from Utah! I am not sure how long we will be like this... probably just till the end of the change. We have been doing good in our area! Diana, Erick and Grizelda are all good. Diana and Erick are having a couple of doubts about being baptized on the 14th but they will be fine!:) ...and Grizelda is excited!! So right now we are doing good! 

Now I have some news about this week. President was talking to us a little bit about the changes meeting and then he brought something up to me... he has asked me to extend my mission... but only for two days! Instead of going home Thursday it would be Saturday. The reason why is that on that Friday there is another temple trip for investigators. That is just the most stressful week ever... and he said that it would help him a lot if I were there to help with everything. What he wanted me to do is bring it up with you guys, and see what you think or if you had anything planned for those two days after I get home. So what do you think?? I told him I would let him know after I talk to my family. So just give me your thoughts:) That is pretty much it for this week!! Just know I love you all lots... and will talk/see you soon. adios!!
elder baker

Friday, May 29, 2015

Week 92

Hello!! Well, I am glad that everyone had an amazing week. haha Everyone looks great and I can't believe everyone is getting home!! It's come so fast... I just can't believe how fast all of it has come. I feel like just yesterday I was saying bye to all of them and then just waiting for my turn to leave and now it's the exact same thing happening-- but now I am just watching them all get home! I am sure they are all happy to see everyone again:) 

Thanks for the pics! I am going to want to see lots of pics as all my friends start getting home...haha. 

Anyways... I cant believe you saw all of those videos!!! We had fun together and it makes me happy to hear he is doing good! 

I am doing great. I am kinda tired cuz today we had to wake up at 5:15 to drive to an area called Juayua so we could drop off a missionary there and then from there drive to an area called Ahuachapan for a multi zone meeting we had at 8am. So todays been kinda long... but it was a good meeting!! Actually we had one of those meetings everyday this week! So the week has gone by kinda fast. Then every week until the end of the change we have some kinda of meeting so this change is going to FLY!!! But, I'm loving all of it:) ...and learning lots!! This week I didn't go back and visit any areas... but the lord is really blessing us right now! 
For a while we didnt have too many people to baptize this change, but God helped us out A LOT!! ...and now we have 3 people to baptize on june 14th... Diana, Erick, and Grizelda! So that has made us very happy... its always nice to have people to teach;) So thats pretty much it for my week!! I love you all and will talk to you soon. Adios.
elder baker

Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 91

Hello!:) Well, I'm glad to hear that everyone had an amazing week!! Thats crazy seeing pictures of you all with Elder Griffin! You all look great and happy. haha I am just a little jealous that he got to see my fam... but I'll be fine;) ...and that is cool you met Elder Hoy too!! He is a cool guy. We were never comps but we were in the same zone and we did interchanges. 

It is also crazy that you are all on summer vacation!! I feel like just yesterday you were all telling me that you were on summer vacation and now its been a whole school year since then... time flys!! 

As for my week... it was great!! I got to go on interchanges to Molino and see some amazing people!! I also got to see a family that me and Elder Toledo found that ended up get baptized a change ago... and they made me feel really good! When I saw they still remembered who I was and they were thanking me for finding them-- they said "if you never talked to us, we wouldn't be where we are!" that felt so good:) 

Then I also got to see the fam Avila, and I always love seeing them! So things are going great!! That is cool you guys saw the pic on Instagram .. the girl that put that up is part of an amazing family that I absolutely love!! They are amazing. Well, I am glad to see everyone is doing good!! I can't believe how old everyone is getting. I love you all and will talk to you soon:) adios!!  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 90

Hello!! Well, I feel like so much has happened this week!! haha I don't even know where to start... My new comp is Elder Lazo!!! He is really cool. It is another comp that me and Elder Griffin have shared!! haha He was Elder Griffin's comp in Atiquizaya, right after I left. He is really cool and we get along good! 

As for changes they all worked out great. ...and yes it was hard to say by to everyone that went home!! It kinda felt like when I was leaving all of my friends and coming on the mission, but its all good cuz I plan on seeing them again:) 

Everything is going great! I loved talking to Fred. He sounds great and it was so fun to see/ talk to him again!! I miss that guy. But, I'll see him soon and he said he might be home before Christmas!! So that will be exciting. 

These last couple of days have been super fun with the Griffins!! They love you guys... and I love them!! haha They are super cool and Shad is really funny! As for the AP doll, its just a doll that all of the APs have written their names on for the last almost year and a half! haha It does look a little scary, but its cool and its a little tradition so we have to keep it there! 

Anyways... thanks for everything! This morning we went out to eat with Shad and Holly! She said she was texting you while we were eating! ...haha that was weird! But, I'm just glad you guys are friends!:) Thanks for everything! I got the stuff from them and its all super cool! The shoes are kinda big.. haha but I think they will work!! I am just happy the stuff all made it to me! ...but seeing them has just made me even more excited to see you guys! I took Elder Griffin to see his parents for the first time... and seeing his mom hug him for the first time in two years was really cool and I am excited:)) Well I love you guys! Thanks for everything... and I'll talk to you all soon!! adios. 
elder baker

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 89

Good Morning!! I'm glad to see that everyone had a good week:) ...and it looks like they all had fun over at fathers and sons. Everyone looks great! ...and trust me I'm excited to get to meet Elder Griffins parents! haha I've seen so many pictures of them and I'm finally going to get to meet them!! I am also excited to get the package they are bringing me:) 

This week was super crazy. VERY busy!! We had very little time to actually get to work in our area! They were a couple of emergencies in the mission we had to take care of, and with changes and the leadership council, it was just a very busy week!! But, the coolest part is that Sunday is Mother's Day!!! I can't wait to talk to you guys. I can't believe it is already Mother's Day... I feel like yesterday was Christmas!! ...and after Mother's Day, the next time I see you guys will be in Arizona!! That just sounds weird... but I'm excited for everything:) It's all going to be fun! With as fast as time keeps going I know its going to be here before I know it! 

I need you to do me a favor and send lots of pictures of my friends getting home from the mission. Now that some are getting close I am going to want some pics. Thanks!:) 

Well, thanks for everything. I am doing great and I will talk to you soon!! I love you all more than you know! adios. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Week 88

Hello everyone!! I am glad to see it was a good week and that they finished off a good baseball season! Everyone sounds great and I am glad to hear that you had a very special experience in the temple!! I can not wait to go to the Gilbert Temple. I have only seen the pictures and it looks beautiful... I'm sure it is even better in person! 

As for me, I'm doing good;) I can't believe I recieved my flight information. That was a weird feeling.. its just kinda weird knowing at what time I'm leaving and what time I'll get home!! It's a lie to say I'm not excited... but I'm also very nervous. It's going to be something I never actually thought would come! But, now it is getting closer and closer. Just know I'm doing great! 

This week will start to get very busy planning changes and we have a leadership council, so lots of crazy stuff going on! To answer the question about how President chooses the new AP, its a very cool experience! For all of the changes he fasts. We always pray on our knees, and we think a lot about it! The final decision is always his, but we just give him the options, and our opinion! So we will se what happens! I have an idea of who it could be but I'm not sure! 

Thanks for the emails!! It's always nice seeing pictures and hearing from everyone. I love you all so much... and will talk to you soon;) adios!! 
elder baker

Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 87

Hey everyone ! I'm glad to hear the week went well, and that's awesome that you were able to see Jake and talk to him for a while. I do miss him and it will be cool when we are all able to hang out again!! Everyone looks great in the pics. ...and I'm glad to see dad is feeling better! Also about what you wrote about Gage... just let him know I love him more than he even knows and that he is an amazing brother!! 

I had a good week. Nothing really exciting happened. We didn't have any meetings or activities... but what is crazy is that this next week we already start changes again!! This change has gone by sooo fast!! ...and I feel like just yesterday we were doing changes and now we have to start them again! But, what is cool is that we are going to be able to talk again!! I'm excited for mothers day and to be able to see everyone's faces again!! I miss you all lots and what is even more crazy is that this time when we talk its not "see you on christmas!" its going to be "see you in three months!" haha its gonna be crazy! Well I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!! I'll talk to you soon:) adios!

 The funny thing is that the pic actually has a meaning to it... me, elder griffin and elder lopez have all been aps and have our licenses and elder juarez "my comp" is the only one that hasnt been able to get his so we took a pic of us holding our license and he is just sitting there with a sad look on his face! haha 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 86

Hi everyone ! I'm glad to hear that for the most part everyone is doing good:)) ...and I hope dad is feeling better and that he doesn't stay sick for too long. I miss you all so much and love hearing from all of you!! 

I had a good week:) I got to go back to Atiquizaya!!! So I got to see some friends from another old area:) It was amazing I love seeing them all! In addition to going to Atiquizaya we also got to go to the temple and do a temple session. I LOVED it!! It's been 6 months since the last time I went, and it felt so nice! I received some answers I really needed and felt the spirit very strongly!! The weirdest part is that it was my last time going through in El Salvador and as a missionary. About 20 months ago I went through the El Salvador temple for the first time, and thought it was so beautiful. I remember President Cordon sat with me in the celestial room and than took me out and took me into the sealing room and said "Elder Baker, this is where you need to take your wife, there is no where else in the world you need to take her other than right here." ...and then he just gave me a hug and told me he loved me. 20 months later "this week"... I sat in the celestial room and just waited for everyone else to leave and then once everyone else was gone I was able to say some prayers and I felt the spirit so very strongly. Then, just like the first time I had gone through with Pres. Cordon, I left and just walked into the sealing room and my eyes filled up with tears as I thought about the words Pres. Cordon had told me almost two years ago... and I made a promise that thats where I will take my wife! The spirit I felt in that moment is the same spirit I want to have the rest of my life. 

I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for all of the emails:) I love hearing from you all! Yes, I heard Elder Neilson is getting married!! It is weird to think that about a year ago we were comps and now he is getting married. But, I'm proud of him! Well have a great week! I'll talk to you all soon:) adios. 
elder baker

Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 85

Hello!! I'm glad to hear that you all had a good week:) I am doing great!!! The week wasnt as crazy but I loved this week so much. 1) I got to go back to Molino on iner changes and Molino is the best area I have had. While I was there on iner changes I got to go to the baptism of a family that I had worked a lot with!!  The dad just had some repentence problems so he couldn't get baptized while I was there but is a member now and I was just so lucky I got to go to the baptism!! I'll send pictures. I also got to see lots of other people I just love. So it was amazing!! When you walk into the church building, of an old area, and a little 9 year old kid yells "ELDER BAKER!!" as he runs up to give you a hug... it's a feeling you can't even describe. I loved it. 

Last night we went to a families house that we recently re-activated-- the PiƱate fam. They are a fam that doesn't have lots of money but they are soooo funny and we get along witht them soooo well!! Its the two parents and two kids one 12 year old and one 2 year old. While we were they they had bought pizza for us and brought a new investigador to teach... it was just really cool!! To re-activate them we got them married, the dad is able to use his priesthood again and the son now is getting the priesthood! It is an amazing family. 

Anyways it sounds like you all had a good week! I love and miss you all so much. Yes, I think aboout the fact I come home soon and it is a little scary! haha I don't know what to do about anything!! Clothes, school, life in general!! haha but I am very excited to see everyone again:) ...but just a little nervous to see how everything has changed... cuz to me it feels like life at home was on pause for the last two years;) I am sure I've changed a lot too, it will be a cool/fun experience:) I love you all and will talk soon!! adios. 
elder baker

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 84

Hello!! Well, I'm very tired because this has been a very crazy week. All week we have gotten home late... Tuesday we recieved all of the new missionaries and helped them with all of the orientation stuff and then that night we went with them to the dinner at presidents house. After they all left we stayed at the house of pres planning changes till like 11, finally got home and slept to get up at 530 to get everything ready for the changes meeting. Then all of the missionaries that were going home stayed at our house Wednesday night before they all left Thursday at 3am so they didnt sleep much... hahaha then Thursday we planned and got everything ready for the temple trip and then Friday was the temple trip. We left at 530 am and got home at 930pm... lots of running around!! haha I'm still sore!! We were just making sure everything was working right...that the teaching stations were teaching for the right amount of time and then transfering the groups... we had 1230 people there!! Then there were are 6 elders from the office, pres and his wife and us that had to run it all. It was crazy!! ...but then afterward they took us to Chilis... I might have cried I was so happy!! hahaha Just kidding but it was AMAZING!!! I'll send some pics. That pretty much it!! Conference is awesome!!! I am loving every talk. ...and yes the crazy thing is that I'll be home for the next one!! Thanks for everything. I love you all! adios.
elder baker

Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 83

Hello!! Well, we had a good week here in the mish:) Time just keeps going by fast, but its all fun! This week is going to be the craziest week of my life!! Crazy enough that I dont think that next Friday I'm going to be writing... there won't be time! But, if I don't, I will end up writing Saturday morning. 

On Monday we are in the office all day doing numbers and stuff. Tuesday all of the new missionaries get here and all day we are teaching classes to them, doing orientation stuff, and getting them all settled in! Wednesday are the changes (which we have been planning all this week). Thursday is our last day to get everything ready to go for the temple trip, for investigators of the whole mission, which is on Friday.  Friday we are in San Salvador all day at the temple trip which is probably the most stressful day of the mission... making sure everything runs smoothly! Then Saturday and Sunday we have general conference. So it is going to be a crazy week!! haha But, it will also go by very fast. So, just so you guys know I'm not sure when I will be writing this next week... but I promise I will at least send a message saying I am alive;) haha i love you all and thanks for the emails!! I'll talk to you soon. Adios.
elder baker

Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 82

Hello!! Well, it was nice hearing from everyone:) I'm just telling you now my email might be a little bit short again, because I am going to be getting everything ready for school again!! 

I had a great week! We had the baptism with the fam Acevedo. It was amazing!! President came to the baptism. Nelson (the dad) shared an amazing testimony after the baptism. The spirit was very, very strong. The week went by super fast and yesterday we went on iner changes with Elder Peck!! My comp from the MTC. It was fun!:) It was the first time we had taught together since the MTC!! We laughed a lot and had some fun talking about all the cool stuff that has happened in the mission! We were also talking about how crazy fast time is going by and how fast these next 4 months are going to go by!! It still freaks me out;) 

Anyway...I got the package! tell them i say thanks so much!! It was nice getting a package I wasn't even expecting... and the food is always nice to have!! Well thanks for the emails!! I love hearing from everyone, and would love if you could give me Aunt Rachaels email or have her email me! I love you all and will talk to you soon!! adios.
elder baker 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 81

Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that this email is going to be very short cuz I want a little bit more time to email mom and talk about school and stuff!! 

The week was great. Today we had a special meeting for district leaders. So we have been with all of the district leaders of the mission, teaching them and stuff. Then on Wednesday we had the leadership council which i always love!! I learn a lot.... and..... WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS! haha I have been wanting to watch that pretty bad and Pres. finally showed us!! 

The best part of the week is that the fam Acevedo gets baptized tomorrow. So, I am very happy about that. We had a very spiritual lesson with them. When baptism for the dead got brought up... after teaching for a little bit, he had a question about some of his family members that have died...  where they are right now and how he can help them. He just started to cry saying he needed to go to the temple. 

Well i love you all sooo much and thanks for all of the emails. Sorry the letter is so short, but I will talk to you all soon. adios!!!
elder baker

ps--here is the picture for the week!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 80

Hey everyone!! I'm glad to hear that everyone had an amazing week and that you all sound great. I am glad to see Riggs is feeling better and that everyone is still enjoying skateboarding!! Let me just tell you it scares me so much that I have to start getting ready for school when I get back! It scares me for two reasons 1) I feel like I dont remember ANYTHING 2) it means that I am coming down to the last few months of my mission and 3) as it is my English has gotten worse... so how am I going to type papers and stuff... hahaha I am just hoping that the Lord blesses me and that I can use the study skills I have learned from the mission! 

As for the week it was amazing. We had a very spiritual lesson with a family, the Acavedo family. During the lesson we just asked them, as a family  to get on their knees and pray... asking if they should be baptized. As they started to say the prayer the dad, Nelson, started to cry and said yes we need to be baptized!! ...and said they want to be baptized on the 14th of March!! The spirit helped us 100% in that lesson!!!! 

Then these last 3 days we have have things called multi zone conferences. Every day since Wednesday, till today, 3 zones have come to the mission office for a big meeting. Between pres and us, we teach the entire day from 9am till 330 pm!! hahaha its kinda tiring, but I like it! But, at 10 30 at night, when we are still taking numbers from all of the zones, I am dead from being so tired. haha But, it's all a great and I learn a lot from all of it:) Well I love you all so much!! and will talk to you soon. adios!!
elder baker

Friday, February 27, 2015

Week 79

Hey Everyone!! It was great hearing from you all!! I had a good week:) Crazy as usual.  To answer your question... the reason we have p day on Friday is because on Monday we are in the office all day in meetings with president, taking the numbers of the mission, studying graphs and the numbers of the week and planning what we can do to do better! We also plan what we will teach in the mission meetings that are coming up, and other activities making the agendas and stuff! So its a pretty busy day. Then the rest of the week we usually meet with president a couple of times to plan things like changes, missionaries that are having problems, other meetings and stuff like that!! It definetly makes time go by way fast!!!! I dont even feel it. 

We had a good week with the investigadors!! We had 10 people in church, tomorrow we have a baptism with a guy named Noe and next week his wife will be getting baptized. So that makes me happy because families are the best:) Then we have another family, "The Acebedo Family" and they went to church on Sunday and told us Wednesday that they want to be baptized!! So the Lord is really blessing us lots right now. 

Me and my comp are getting along great. He is awesome!! You guys actually met him on Christmas, and you will see him again on Mothers Day:) 

I love you all so much and thanks for the email. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good...that casts are coming off, and that everyone is doing good:) Just Riggs that is a little sick... but he will be in my prayers:) I love you all and will talk to you soon!! adios. 
elder baker

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 78...cont.

Hey mom!! Just letting you know I am doing great.. and just a little reminder my p days are now on Friday:) love you!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 78

Hi everyone!:) Well, it was another good week here in El Salvador!! I got a little sick at the beginning of the week, but I am ok now. But, as for you guys everyone sounds good! I loved the pictures and I love how much everyone is skating!! haha They are all gonna be so good when I get back! 

So, as for me, it was a pretty busy week! We went and visited some of the furthest areas during the week, and with me getting sick just made everything even more crazy! But, now that we are in changes week things will just keep getting crazier!! First thing about changes is... President is taking away the Traveling Assistants because the Area Presidency said he should only have his 2 Assistants and thats it. So, me and Elder Contreras, starting Wednesday, are no longer the travel AP's. Then this morning president called me into his office and told me that he wants me to be one of his Assistants. So me and Elder Juarez are now going to be the 2 AP's of the mission! So thats a little crazy. Just a little bit more stress;) hahaha... but, it will be fun and a good experience!! Now that I am an AP, my p-day will be on Fridays. 

There is lots to come. Tomorrow the new missionaries get here... so we will be getting them and doing stuff with them all day, getting them all of their stuff, teaching some stuff and then going to presidents house to eat dinner with them! Whats crazy is I remember doing the exact same thing when I first got to the mission like it was yesterday!! Time is going by so fast. But, that's the best part of always being busy is that you don't even feel time. I love you all so much and thanks for the emails. I am doing great and miss you lots! adios.
elder baker

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 77


    Well it was a good week! I did get to go back to Atiquizaya again, so that was cool! I love going back to my old areas and working there. Other than that I went and visited areas I have never worked in, but it was cool!! I love that I'm getting to know the whole mission and all of the missionaries! Its an awesome experience. 

Well something crazy is that this week we had the "leadership meeting" that we have once every month... and I have gone to so many and I loved them because I always felt like I learned so much!! But, this week I had to teach in it... for the first time I didnt get to go just to sit and learn!!! Me, Elder Contraras, Elder Juarez, Elder Griffin and president were the ones teaching the meeting! Was i a little nervous?? Yes!! hahaha... it was just something new!! But, I liked it! That is something that the mission has helped me with... giving lots of zone meetings and now leadership meetings! I have learned how to plan, and teach in front of big groups of people! Talks aren't as bad for me now... haha but thats pretty much my week!  

A cool experience that happened this week was seeing an investigator that I visited with some other missionaries at the begining of this change, and that we had put a baptismal date with, and when I saw him again he came up and said "Hey Elder Baker.. I got baptized!!" ...and it just felt good knowing I got to meet him and see him make the decision to be baptized and than a couple of weeks later he remembered me and he is a member now!!:) haha 

I can't even describe how many blessings I have recieved this change!! But, I am so thankful for them:) 

I am glad to see that everyone is doing good! ...and that they are skating:) haha I love my family and miss you all lots! The lessons sounded great mom!! It was planned very well. Thanks for everything and I will talk to you soon!! adios. 
elder baker
                                                                                                                                         ps, yes i got the camera!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 76

Happy monday!! Well, it sounds like everyone had a great week... and that always makes me happy:) No broken bones, lots of school and work, and getting ready for sports!! It sound like everything is just going back to normal and how it has been for years!!;) haha 

Anyways, I had a good week! I got to go back to Magdelena!!!! My first area. It was crazy! Its been over a year since I had set a foot in that place! I loved it. Seeing the people again, talking to them, and taking the missionaries to some of the old investigators we had that never got baptized so they can start teaching them again! Being able to talk to and see how the missionaries are doing there! Then after I left Magdelena, I went and worked in Atiquizaya!! haha My second area. So it was a pretty cool week! The bishop heard I was coming and invited us to dinner and it was cool to see all of the new people they are teaching! After that we left to visit some other areas, but it was pretty much a normal week, just lots of lessons and traveling!! haha but I love it! 

Today we were in our meeting with President and we were talking about how the mission is doing... and its just cool talking about and seeing how the mission is and what we can do better, talking about sending missionaries to other areas or future leaders in the mission! It just an experience that I am going to be so grateful for the rest of my life! Its been such a blessing. Well thanks so much for the emails. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing so good! I love you so much and I'm still alive after two weeks of driving in elsalvador. haha love you so much!!  
elder baker

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 75

Hi everyone!! I'm glad to hear that everyone had a good week. Even though it was a little bit of an easier week and not as crazy, it sounds like everyone had a good week! I love the fact that even though Jace and Gage broke their arms they keep skating!! hahaha I love my family! Everyone looks great! Haley sent me a picture of the family that you guys put on Instagram and I loved it! You all look so happy. 

This week was amazing! I got to go back to some old areas, and on Sunday I was in Molino (the area that i just left)... so I got to see everyone again! ...and I got to see the family Avila (a family me and Elder Lopez baptized) get called to be ward missionaries, and the president of the Gospel Principles class! I loved seeing them! They said it was a great surprise that they weren't planning on having! They are amazing. I just loved seeing so many people in church that I got to teach and now I get to see them passing and blessing the sacrament, teaching classes, and playing a part in the work of salvation! This is one of the reasons I love doing what I am doing... I get to learn so much! ...and help lots of people! ...and God has helped me sooo much... more than I can even describe!! I would never have been able to do this with out his help. I just try to study as much as I can, and rely 100% on the Spirit because without either one of those I couldn't do this! 

I hope everyone is doing great! I haven't gotten the package yet, but I'm sure it will come soon! I haven't gotten a camera yet, but I'll go look for one today so I can start to take pictures again:) 

To answer your question... yes I can drive now! I have been driving these last couple of days, and let me tell you that people here CANNOT DRIVE!!! haha but its fun;) 

Thanks for the email and I'll talk to you all soon! Have a great week. adios!!

elder baker

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 74--(Cont.) I share this with you because it was one of those moments that, as your mom, made my heart very happy!


I know your time will be short today… As you always have lots to do! There is something that I have been thinking about that I wanted to share with you. 

I'm sure you vividly recall the day we went to see Dr. Udall, after you had broken your collar bone the second time. You were so sad. It broke my heart. You looked at me with tears running down your face and asked me why this stuff keeps happening to you. Do you remember that? Do you remember what I told you?? 

I told you that the only thing I knew was that there was no doubt in my mind you were destined for amazing things. And maybe, in some small way, all of these trials and difficulties were going to help prepare you for those things. They would help define you and make you the person you need to be to fulfill the role your Father in Heaven has in store for you. That was when I explained, to you, the analogy of learning to dance in the rain… Instead of waiting for the storm to pass.

As we look back on your mission so far – – and you think about the missionaries whose lives you have touched… Your companion whose mother had died… The elder that you just met at the zone conference… and countless others...I believe your experiences have helped you better relate to the individuals who have needed you.  

Does that make sense? 

I love you so much and couldn't be more proud of you.  Not because you are an AP--but, because you live your life in a way that you are worthy to be one.  

I miss you.  Every day.

Your Reply~

You are right!  My life has literally led me to this point perfectly... and I am so thankful for it!  

Week 74

Hi everyone!! Well, this week was super crazy... but I loved it. We definitely worked pretty hard and the week went by super fast. ALL week I was working in other parts of the mission and I didnt even see my house! I'll send you a pic of me and my comp before we left for the week! President bought us air beds so we take them with us everywhere we go. 

At the beginning of the week me and Elder Griffin left to go visit together in zones called Juayua and Nahuizalco. Tuesday we started off going to their zone meeting and teaching a little bit... and then after that we left to visit with lots of different missionaries and their investigators trying to put baptism dates. It was an amazing experience. I had a missionary tell me that he was having a hard time because his grandpa had just died, but that the zone meeting me and elder griffin gave helped him a lot because he hadn't felt the spirit so strong since he was in the MTC... and it made him feel better. 

After working in those two zones we went back to Santa Ana and met up with Elder Contreras and Elder Juarez... then me and Elder Contreras left to go work with missionaries and some other different zones until today! 

Today we got back to the mission office and we were in meetings all morning with pres and now I am writing you guys:) So it was a busy week, but I loved it! I am learning lots. Sometimes I still feel like I can be doing so much better! But, I'm loving the experience. Today I will be getting my licence so this week I will have a car:) That will make things easier... because traveling on the bus with lots of stuff is hard. ANYWAYS thats a little bit about my week. 

I am glad you guys had a good week! I can't believe how much fun it looks like you all had!! Except all of the injuries... haha but, I love you all so much and thanks for all of the support. adios!!
elder baker

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 73

Hello!! Well, I am glad to hear that everyone had a good week. It looks like everyone had fun in the snow and they all look good in the new snow clothes. 

I had a pretty crazy week... just lots of new things that I have never done before!! To answer your questions... yes we live with the AP's... really what we are is 4 AP's! What the asignation is called is "travel assistants", but its been lots of fun!! Today we have been in meetings all day, us 4 and president planning out the week and talking about the mission and stuff... and thats what we do every Monday!  Then the rest of the week we will be out in different areas until next Monday! We sleep in the missionaries houses, where we are working during the day, then in the morning we study with them and then go on to the next area... and that is pretty much how it works! 

Right now they are getting my papers ready to be able to drive in El Salvador.Me and Elder Griffin are going to be the elders thats can drive so we will have a car! I am really liking the experience and I am learning lots! It is going to be really cool:) 

This week we worked in a couple of different areas and I got to meet new people and work with some other missionaries! I keep praying for the strength and the spirit to be able to do a good job at what I am doing! But, that is pretty much it for the week! Thanks for the emails:) I love you all so much!! Have a great week. adios!
elder baker

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 72

Hello!! Well, this week was a great one... and sadly my last one here in Molino. We found out that I have changes! It's going to be hard leaving behind so many great people. I have come to love this area sooo much. It is for sure my favorite area that I have had in the mission so far!! 

But, I am also excited for what the Lord has in store for me. Sunday afternoon we had a meeting with Pres. Spjut and afterards he pulled me and Elder Lopez aside and told us we would be having changes. He said it was a secret and we couldn't tell anybody... but, he wanted us to know so that I can get ready and Elder Lopez can help me get ready to be one of the "training leaders" of the mission.  When I started my mission there were two training leaders and then they took them away... until now. A training leader just means that there will be like 4 APs... and what me and my new comp will do is just go on divisions with the entire mission helping them with their teaching, putting baptism dates, and helping them study and plan better! So it will be intresting to see how it goes... but I know the Lord will help me! When I first got here I looked up the the APs and training leaders like the greatest missionaries ever!! I don't even feel close to that! Another thing that is pretty cool is that I will basically have Elder Griffin as a comp again!! Haha so that will be fun! 

Anyways, I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing good and that you are all excited to go snowboarding. I'm so jealous of you all because I LOVE the Double B's.. but I guess I will be ok:) 

I can't believe that it is 2015!! I hope you all had fun! It sounds like everyone had a good new years:) Oh and I can not belive that Fred has a year in the mission!!!! It went by soooo fast... its crazy to me that it feels like it went by so fast but SO much has happened... and talking to you all made me realize how much older everyone looks and how much time has gone by!! 

Well I love you all so much... Next week when we email I will have my new comp... but I won't have an area...because its pretty much the entire mission! Haha but i love you all so much and thanks for everything:) adios
elder baker