Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 91

Hello!:) Well, I'm glad to hear that everyone had an amazing week!! Thats crazy seeing pictures of you all with Elder Griffin! You all look great and happy. haha I am just a little jealous that he got to see my fam... but I'll be fine;) ...and that is cool you met Elder Hoy too!! He is a cool guy. We were never comps but we were in the same zone and we did interchanges. 

It is also crazy that you are all on summer vacation!! I feel like just yesterday you were all telling me that you were on summer vacation and now its been a whole school year since then... time flys!! 

As for my week... it was great!! I got to go on interchanges to Molino and see some amazing people!! I also got to see a family that me and Elder Toledo found that ended up get baptized a change ago... and they made me feel really good! When I saw they still remembered who I was and they were thanking me for finding them-- they said "if you never talked to us, we wouldn't be where we are!" that felt so good:) 

Then I also got to see the fam Avila, and I always love seeing them! So things are going great!! That is cool you guys saw the pic on Instagram .. the girl that put that up is part of an amazing family that I absolutely love!! They are amazing. Well, I am glad to see everyone is doing good!! I can't believe how old everyone is getting. I love you all and will talk to you soon:) adios!!  

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