Friday, May 1, 2015

Week 88

Hello everyone!! I am glad to see it was a good week and that they finished off a good baseball season! Everyone sounds great and I am glad to hear that you had a very special experience in the temple!! I can not wait to go to the Gilbert Temple. I have only seen the pictures and it looks beautiful... I'm sure it is even better in person! 

As for me, I'm doing good;) I can't believe I recieved my flight information. That was a weird feeling.. its just kinda weird knowing at what time I'm leaving and what time I'll get home!! It's a lie to say I'm not excited... but I'm also very nervous. It's going to be something I never actually thought would come! But, now it is getting closer and closer. Just know I'm doing great! 

This week will start to get very busy planning changes and we have a leadership council, so lots of crazy stuff going on! To answer the question about how President chooses the new AP, its a very cool experience! For all of the changes he fasts. We always pray on our knees, and we think a lot about it! The final decision is always his, but we just give him the options, and our opinion! So we will se what happens! I have an idea of who it could be but I'm not sure! 

Thanks for the emails!! It's always nice seeing pictures and hearing from everyone. I love you all so much... and will talk to you soon;) adios!! 
elder baker

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