Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 90

Hello!! Well, I feel like so much has happened this week!! haha I don't even know where to start... My new comp is Elder Lazo!!! He is really cool. It is another comp that me and Elder Griffin have shared!! haha He was Elder Griffin's comp in Atiquizaya, right after I left. He is really cool and we get along good! 

As for changes they all worked out great. ...and yes it was hard to say by to everyone that went home!! It kinda felt like when I was leaving all of my friends and coming on the mission, but its all good cuz I plan on seeing them again:) 

Everything is going great! I loved talking to Fred. He sounds great and it was so fun to see/ talk to him again!! I miss that guy. But, I'll see him soon and he said he might be home before Christmas!! So that will be exciting. 

These last couple of days have been super fun with the Griffins!! They love you guys... and I love them!! haha They are super cool and Shad is really funny! As for the AP doll, its just a doll that all of the APs have written their names on for the last almost year and a half! haha It does look a little scary, but its cool and its a little tradition so we have to keep it there! 

Anyways... thanks for everything! This morning we went out to eat with Shad and Holly! She said she was texting you while we were eating! ...haha that was weird! But, I'm just glad you guys are friends!:) Thanks for everything! I got the stuff from them and its all super cool! The shoes are kinda big.. haha but I think they will work!! I am just happy the stuff all made it to me! ...but seeing them has just made me even more excited to see you guys! I took Elder Griffin to see his parents for the first time... and seeing his mom hug him for the first time in two years was really cool and I am excited:)) Well I love you guys! Thanks for everything... and I'll talk to you all soon!! adios. 
elder baker

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