Friday, May 29, 2015

Week 92

Hello!! Well, I am glad that everyone had an amazing week. haha Everyone looks great and I can't believe everyone is getting home!! It's come so fast... I just can't believe how fast all of it has come. I feel like just yesterday I was saying bye to all of them and then just waiting for my turn to leave and now it's the exact same thing happening-- but now I am just watching them all get home! I am sure they are all happy to see everyone again:) 

Thanks for the pics! I am going to want to see lots of pics as all my friends start getting home...haha. 

Anyways... I cant believe you saw all of those videos!!! We had fun together and it makes me happy to hear he is doing good! 

I am doing great. I am kinda tired cuz today we had to wake up at 5:15 to drive to an area called Juayua so we could drop off a missionary there and then from there drive to an area called Ahuachapan for a multi zone meeting we had at 8am. So todays been kinda long... but it was a good meeting!! Actually we had one of those meetings everyday this week! So the week has gone by kinda fast. Then every week until the end of the change we have some kinda of meeting so this change is going to FLY!!! But, I'm loving all of it:) ...and learning lots!! This week I didn't go back and visit any areas... but the lord is really blessing us right now! 
For a while we didnt have too many people to baptize this change, but God helped us out A LOT!! ...and now we have 3 people to baptize on june 14th... Diana, Erick, and Grizelda! So that has made us very happy... its always nice to have people to teach;) So thats pretty much it for my week!! I love you all and will talk to you soon. Adios.
elder baker

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