Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 93

Hi everyone!! I cannot believe that Gunner is home! The video and the pics look great. He looks super skinny in the pictures!! ...but I am sure after two years in Peru that is what happens to you. But, I'm glad everyone is doing good and that it was a good week! Jace looks great and it looks like he had a great time in Cali. That's cool Haley is taking care of the little girl! I'm sure she will grow to love that. That is awesome that Riggs is liking all of the training and stuff! He sent me email telling me about it. 

As for me it was a good week! Time is flying right now! There was a missionary that went home and his companion came to stay with us... so now we are working with three elders... but they are both sooo fun! haha So we are having lots of fun working together right now! His name is Elder Stephens, he is from Utah! I am not sure how long we will be like this... probably just till the end of the change. We have been doing good in our area! Diana, Erick and Grizelda are all good. Diana and Erick are having a couple of doubts about being baptized on the 14th but they will be fine!:) ...and Grizelda is excited!! So right now we are doing good! 

Now I have some news about this week. President was talking to us a little bit about the changes meeting and then he brought something up to me... he has asked me to extend my mission... but only for two days! Instead of going home Thursday it would be Saturday. The reason why is that on that Friday there is another temple trip for investigators. That is just the most stressful week ever... and he said that it would help him a lot if I were there to help with everything. What he wanted me to do is bring it up with you guys, and see what you think or if you had anything planned for those two days after I get home. So what do you think?? I told him I would let him know after I talk to my family. So just give me your thoughts:) That is pretty much it for this week!! Just know I love you all lots... and will talk/see you soon. adios!!
elder baker

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