Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 94

Hi!!:) Well, I am glad that everyone had a good week!! Sounds like everyone is happy and doing great. I can't believe that all of my friends are all finishing their missions! Every week when I get on I hear about somebody else getting home!! It is crazy to me. 

As for me I'm doing great! The weeks are just flying... yes Elder Stephens is still with us! He will be with us until Monday and then he will be leaving our area to go somewhere else! But, it's been super fun with him. 

Grizelda will be getting baptized this week, and Diana and Erick will be the next week! ...and yes Grizelda's baptism is on Sunday. So I will send pictures of that! ...and also this week Elder Alonso from the Area Presidency gets here to our mission. We will be having meetings with him and stuff all next week! Then after next week it is time for changes again... haha time flys. ...and then I will be starting my last transfer. Also, talking about things back in AZ, I love hearing about all the missionaries that are leaving and getting their calls and stuff! They will all love the mission soooo much!! ...and their parents will be ok:) But, I will keeps praying for all of them! Well, it is kinda a short email but thats pretty much it for this week! I love you all lots and will see you soon! adios. 
elder baker

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