Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 95

Hi Everyone! :) Wow, I am not even sure where to start!! I feel like so much is going on here in the mission AND back at home! So many homecomings, getting ready for school, scout camps, etc. But, the good thing is that everyone sounds great!:) Lots of cool stuff going on and it makes me happy to see that everyone is happy, having a good time and enjoying the summer.

I just can't believe how fast time is flying. Its already time for changes again! ...and then I am going to be starting my last 6 weeks. haha Time is just going so so fast! But, as weird as it feels knowing I am getting close to finishing  my mission, I am also very excited to see everyone again. All of my friends and family that I really do miss A LOT!! To answer your questions about the day I get home... yes I think dinner would be fine. It is always nice to eat;)  So, you guys can go ahead and plan on going out to eat after my flight lands. As for my homecoming talk... go ahead and keep planning it for the day after I get home! I can have the talk ready before I even get home and then that Sunday will be fine. The open house... I'm not too worried about cuz I know that mom will take care of all of that:) So I hope I was able to answer all of your questions mom!! 

As for my week its been super good. Elder Alonso is an amazing man and very, very spiritual!! ...and he knows  ALOT! He has taught us lots of great things. Today was the last meeting and I loved all of it. There were lots of cool things to be learned. 

The baptism of Grizelda was amazing! We had an elder play the violin for a musical number and it sounded amazing! She did great and was very happy. Something else pretty cool about this week was that one of my converts will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood this Sunday!  When I heard about that I was very happy. So I bought him an oil container as a little gift. I am very excited to give it to him! Just knowing that somebody I baptized will now be able to give blessings to his wife and kids and bless his family in that way makes me very happy for him. 

So that is pretty much it for this week! Thanks for the emails and I will talk to everyone soon!! adios.
elder baker  

Grizelda's Baptism

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