Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 62

Hi everyone!! Well we had a very good week here in Santa Ana!! and it sounds like everyone at home is doing great too!! 

Today I'm writing pretty early but it was sweet because I got on when Fred was still on so we talked a little bit! 

But anyways... I'm glad everyone is doing good! Jace looked great!! and that's sweet that he was nominated for homecoming. He is such a stud!! I'm glad to hear dad is doing good even though is hurts! I have been praying for him every single night since his surgery! ...and I will keep praying for him. I also cant believe those guys are all leaving on their missions!! That is so cool and they will love it. The mission is the best thing ever!! 

As for our week! I felt pretty good about it!! In our area we put 4 baptism dates!! And we have a date for every week of November!! ha ha its like a little birthday present from God:) and we had 9 people in church!! which is pretty good for us!! but everything is good here! 

Last week we all felt that big earthquake. Sorry I forgot to write you all about that!! But is was super cool... it just feels really weird! and then after that there was a tsunami warning... but luckily that didn't happen!! It just rained A LOT!!! 

Well i love you all lots!! Now I will send the picture of Pedro's Book of Mormon...and this is what it says in English... in the top right corner "Elder Baker a missionary and my friend and Elder Toledo a missionary and my friend" and the rest says " today I received the waters of baptism, after asking my Father in Heaven to guide me down the path to follow him I was able to do it. I respect and admire my brothers that made the effort so that I too had the chance to enter into this narrow path and serve my Heavenly Father. I have faith he will help me. I testify this gospel is true, my wisdom came from doing gods will. amen"

I thought that was pretty cool. Anyways... have a great week everyone!! love you. 
elder baker

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 61

Hey mom! ...and everyone else that will read this;) Well, I am not sure where to start... its pretty sad about sage... im sure that was pretty hard for everyone. But, you are right, if she was in pain it is better that you put her to sleep! I know everyone will be ok:) I just hope lady and bella are doing ok. ...and before I go on to a better note I cannot believe that Jace broke his arm!!! He is just like me. haha

Ok, and now for a better note... we had a good week! We put a baptism date with Estevan!! ...and Pedro is doing amazing. He wrote something really cool in the back of his Book of Mormon the night he got baptized, that i will take a picture of and send you guys the picture and of course I will translate it because it is really cool... it made me all teary eyed when I read it!! 

We are doing good here in our ward! I love it here and me and my comp are still getting along so that is always good. I think the best news is that I am still healthy!!! haha Mom, did you get the email from Sister Spjut about those diseases here in El Salvador?? Just so that you can feel a little bit better:) 

So thats pretty much it for me! Im doing good. This week we did some service for a lady in our area. She asked us to come cut all of the grass and weeds and plants that have grown about knee high out side of her house... but here they dont ask you to cut it they ask you to chop it... they just give you a machete and tell you to chop it all down!! I never knew how many blisters I could get on one hand!! haha 

Anyways I'm doing good! Thanks for the emails... I cant believe Haley sat in on the surgeries... I'm not surprised she threw up!! haha 

I love you all so much!! and will talk to you soon:)
elder baker

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 60

Hola!!! Well I cannot believe that Haley got to go sky diving... she is the LUCKIEST girl in the entire world!!! I am 100 percent sure that I will be doing that when i get home!! haha It looked like she has so much fun. And those guys that work there probably just love their job. I know I would!! 

Dad's knee looks kinda gross.. but after a surgery that bad i wouldnt excpect it to look pretty! I emailed DJ and said thanks for taking him some stuff after and he just said... "no problem dude, anything for dad!!:)" haha i love my friends and family so much... and miss you all like crazy!!! 

We had a good week. We had a baptism!!! Pedro got baptized, and it was awesome!! The entire time he was waiting for the baptism to start he was just sitting there reading the Book of Mormon. He just got baptized and he is already in 3rd Nephi!! haha I love that guy. I will send the pic of his baptism!! Estevan ended up not getting baptized... he will! just not yet. He isn't quite ready so we are going to keep working with him!! 

As for changes I am going to be staying here with the same comp!! haha Finally I can say I don't have changes and that I am staying in an area with the same comp!! haha But that prabably means thats I will be here for a while! Cuz my comp goes home next change so that means more than likely I will stay again... just with a new comp!! So that would mean I would be here till the beginning of January. So that makes me happy:) 

We are doing good! I am healthy, so keep praying for that!! I do not like being sick. We are working hard!! I love you all and am thinking about and praying for you. adios!!! 

elder baker

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 59

Hi everyone!! Well it sounds like this last week was a little crazy for you guys... haha I am so happy to hear that dad is doing so good!! I was nervous for him too. and lots of prayers went out to him!! There were times where just during the day it would cross my mind and I would stop and say a quick prayer for him! But I am happy to hear that all of the prayers paid off and that he is ok!! 

.... I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE HALEY IS GOING SKY DIVING!!!! That is one of my biggest dreams!! I want to do that sooo bad. She is so lucky. Im sure she is going to love it!! But whats more crazy than her jumping out of a plane is that she is turning 18!! She's so old. haha but she looks so good and happy. 

Haha and I love that Seth and DJ took dad some presents... I miss you all so much!!! 

I am doing good. I LOVED was amazing!! I really really liked one of the prayers that was said. In the prayer the person said "please bless all of the missionaries, their parents, and their grand parents". I thought of you guys when he said that!! There were so many good talks that Im not sure if I have a favorite!! But it gave me some ideas of things I can change here in the mission and some ideas for after the mission too!! 

As for the week we had a good week.. we do have two baptism dates for this week! haha sorry ive been a little bad at giving you updates on investigadores!! Their names are Pedro and Estevan! They are both awesome!! Pedro has like almost finished the Book of Mormon and hasn't even been baptized yet!! So this week should be a good one!! I love you all so much and miss you like crazy. Finish watching the conference cuz it was amzing!!! adios. 

Hey and I heard about some disease that started in Africa that is now in the US... everyone is freaking out about it here... even though it doesn't exist here. Is it really as big of a deal as they make it sound!?

elder baker