Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 62

Hi everyone!! Well we had a very good week here in Santa Ana!! and it sounds like everyone at home is doing great too!! 

Today I'm writing pretty early but it was sweet because I got on when Fred was still on so we talked a little bit! 

But anyways... I'm glad everyone is doing good! Jace looked great!! and that's sweet that he was nominated for homecoming. He is such a stud!! I'm glad to hear dad is doing good even though is hurts! I have been praying for him every single night since his surgery! ...and I will keep praying for him. I also cant believe those guys are all leaving on their missions!! That is so cool and they will love it. The mission is the best thing ever!! 

As for our week! I felt pretty good about it!! In our area we put 4 baptism dates!! And we have a date for every week of November!! ha ha its like a little birthday present from God:) and we had 9 people in church!! which is pretty good for us!! but everything is good here! 

Last week we all felt that big earthquake. Sorry I forgot to write you all about that!! But is was super cool... it just feels really weird! and then after that there was a tsunami warning... but luckily that didn't happen!! It just rained A LOT!!! 

Well i love you all lots!! Now I will send the picture of Pedro's Book of Mormon...and this is what it says in English... in the top right corner "Elder Baker a missionary and my friend and Elder Toledo a missionary and my friend" and the rest says " today I received the waters of baptism, after asking my Father in Heaven to guide me down the path to follow him I was able to do it. I respect and admire my brothers that made the effort so that I too had the chance to enter into this narrow path and serve my Heavenly Father. I have faith he will help me. I testify this gospel is true, my wisdom came from doing gods will. amen"

I thought that was pretty cool. Anyways... have a great week everyone!! love you. 
elder baker

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