Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 63

Hello!! Well I am glad to hear the week was good for everyone! Halloween looked like everyone had fun! I can't believe its been a year since last halloween.. time flys!! but anyway everyone looked great!! That is a little sad that Jace's last football game was on the 31st so he wasn't able to do anything for halloween!! But, Im sure he was somewhat ok with it!! I am also very glad to hear that we are back into the tradition of carving pumpkins every year cuz it has been a while!! Now I just have to make sure that we dont get out of the tradition of buying real christmas trees every year!!
hahaha anyways.. im doing good!! 

We actually had a really cool week! The temple was amazing!! I cant tell you how much I love it there!! We had a really cool lesson with an inv. named Delmy... she is the wife of a less active member that we found just looking for new people to teach! We didn't even know he was a member till the end off the first lesson about 2 weeks ago! Anyways they went to church with us last week and when we went back this week we started teaching and she said she had liked church but that its just not for her... and that she just likes her church! We started to talk to her about the spirit and the role it plays in the conversion and she told us she had had a dream that she lost her baby daughter and that it was very hard for her and she didnt know where to look and in her dream we showed up telling her we could find her daughter and we did! So she told us that she had taken that as somewhat of an answer to her prayers cuz we teach that families can be together forever but the world says we loose our kids after we die! We shared some personal experiences and testimoies and the spirit was very strang and then she just started crying... she told us she didnt know why but she just felt so happy even then in that moment she realized our church is true and that would mean changing churches! She chose to be baptized on the 14th of this month. Now we will be able to help activate and less active and baptize his wife! What a blessing for that family. 

Well other than that the week was good!! Today we did a super cool hike to a big cross on top of a mountain, and on Saturday we did some service moving big rocks!! Lets just say... never seen Churanchulas before, and I hope to never see them again!! They are spiders literally bigger than your hand. hahaha 

Well I love you all so much and have a good week!!
elder baker

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