Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 65

Hello! Well, I guess I will start by saying I can't believe that Riggs is turning 12!!! He is going to be a deacon... that's crazy. But, I'm so proud of him for being such a great young man! 

I also can't believe that it is now "Elder" Carder!! I am also very proud of him for getting out on the mission! I know it wasn't easy for him but now its so cool to know that NOTHING that he did before matters... he is a new person and represents Christ!! What a blessing it will be for him and his family!! well everyone looks like they had a good week:) Riggs and Jace went camping, Jordan left, Riggs is getting ready for his b day!! I'm just happy to hear that everyone is doing good!! 

I'm great:) We did have a baptism this week!! It was Roberto, so i will send you the pic of his baptism!! But it was awesome and he is going to be a great member of the church! Delmy is still getting ready to get baptized, she has a couple of doubts but I know she will be ready!! 

Something kind of  funny is that Pedro, our recent convert,  wants to learn the hymns! So he put them on a memory card and plays them while he is working... haha his job a a bus driver, so everyone on the bus listens to them too!!  So that is one way to share the gospel:) 

Everyone here is doing good! We are still getting the house all ready for Christmas...the tree and lights and stuff! Last p-day we decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music! Just like at home:) But what's weird is that my comp is now starting his last week in the mission!! He is excited but also very nervous! He doesn't sleep very well at night... but he says he is doing ok:) 

Thats pretty much is for this week!! Thanks for the emails, and have a great week:) adios. 
elder baker

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