Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 66

Hello!! Well, I'm doing good:) I'm sorry for not sending you very many pictures... I'll send some today!! ...and we took our christmas picture:) so that will make you happy mom!! 

Anyways.. DELMY GOT BAPTIZED!! It was amazing, the blessing that will be for their family is amazing. Her husband is a member that was in-active... but now they are both members and in a year they will be able to go to the temple together!! So that was awesome. I will send the pic of the baptism too. 

Other than that I can't believe how fast this week went!! Elder Toledo goes home on Wednesday... he is excited but also very nervous!!  I can't even imagine how he feels, that will be very weird when that day comes! But he is doing good! I will be staying in my area with a new comp and I will know who it is on Wednesday. So that will be weird, me and Elder Toledo did a lot here in Molino... but I know the Lord has more things in store for me and my new comp! In our area we have two baptism dates for December 13th! It is the mom and sister of Miguel (our convert that got baptized like two weeks ago). They started listening to us after the baptism of Miguel and now they will be baptized and Miguel will baptize them!! That will be a very cool experience for that family! Well thats pretty much it for this week. I'm glad Riggs is excited to turn 12 and that he will be ordained on Sunday!! I will be thinking of him all day long! I am sure he looks great in his new suit! 

oh and mom I got the package!!! Thank you so much. I loved the letters... and all of the stuff that was in it! I love you all so much and can't wait to talk on christmas.. adios!!

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