Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 67

Hello!! Well, this week was amazing. I will start off by saying I love my comp!!! He is not the Elder I am standing by in the picture... I'm not sure where my comp is in the picture, so maybe if you could send it to me i could tell youi!:) Anyways, his name is Elder Lopez from Guatemala! When I got to the mission he was the secretary to President Cordon! Since then he has been the Assistant to President. I have literally learned so much from him just from the meetings we have have in the office throughout my mission and now he is my comp! We get along great, and we have been working really well together! I have learned a lot from him! 

In our area this week we found and have been teaching a family of 5 people!! And they are so positive. They all went to church on Sunday and that was probably the best thing I could have received on my b day...that and the Lord telling them this is true because the same night that they went to church we went and visited them and they accepted to be baptized!! I was so happy. They had a couple of doubts going to church Sunday morning but Sunday night it was like the doubts had just been taken away!! 

As for my birthday it was fun:) the lady that cooks for us asked me what I wanted to eat and she made me fish tacos, and by the end of the night my face, hair, and clothes were covered in cake, eggs, flour, glitter... I was very dirty but it was lots of fun!! I will send you pictures but i wont be able to till next week... I'm really sorry about that! But, I did have a good birthday:) Thanks for all of the emails, letters, and presents!! Mom I loved all of the stuff you sent me! I have the picture on my desk. I'm going to give the cake to the hermana that cooks for us so she can make it. I loved all of it!! Even the old spice swagger because they dont sell that here! So thank you!! 

I'm also glad to hear that everyone is doing so good!! That Riggs b-day went well and that now he is a deacon!! and that the christmas tree is up:)) I'm glad you are all excited for christmas and so am I!! 

Have you seen the "he is the gift" video?? its amazing!! we watch it with lots of investigadores. well i love you all so much! thanks for everything. and have a great week!! adios.

ps...I thought you might like this.. its a christmas tree ornament!!:)  We made them as a mission to put on the mission Christmas Tree! :)

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