Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 68


 Well, it sounds like everyone had another great week!! I can't believe that Gage broke his arm again... How did he break it!? ...and will he still be able to go snowboarding!? haha Being my little brother he probably won't even listen to the doctors and if he he feels like snowboarding he will do it;) haha 

Anyway that is awesome that Haley is going to be in school full time!! It makes her sound so much older. But, I'm sure she will do great! How is jaces elbow doing?? Will he be able to pitch for baseball season!? 

Well... I'm doing good! We had a good week. My new comp is awesome and we get along great!! We now have 4 baptism dates for this month, Jackoline and Joana Campos, Irvin Cerna, and Rosa Elena! I feel good here in this area because its big and we are always finding new people to teach!! The ward is awesome and they help us a lot. I can't even describe to you how excited I am for Christmas... obviously its because I get to talk to you guys because other than that it's pretty much like any other day... just with lots of food and fireworks!! 

Well I am doing great!! We were blessed so much this week after the fast we did!! This Sunday, after we finished our fast, some members took us to contact some people and we found a family Hernandez.. and they are so positive!! It's like they have been ready to be Mormon for a while and they just didnt know it yet!! So that was something good.. and to answer the question mom the family of 5 is familia Lopez! 

As for the question about inner changes... yes we do lots of inner changes! This week we didn't do too many because we have been soooo busy!! But normaly we do lots. But, I like it because I get to learn from other missionaries in the zone! Well thanks for the email. I love you all so much!!! ...and will talk to you soon:) adios. 
elder baker

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