Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 61

Hey mom! ...and everyone else that will read this;) Well, I am not sure where to start... its pretty sad about sage... im sure that was pretty hard for everyone. But, you are right, if she was in pain it is better that you put her to sleep! I know everyone will be ok:) I just hope lady and bella are doing ok. ...and before I go on to a better note I cannot believe that Jace broke his arm!!! He is just like me. haha

Ok, and now for a better note... we had a good week! We put a baptism date with Estevan!! ...and Pedro is doing amazing. He wrote something really cool in the back of his Book of Mormon the night he got baptized, that i will take a picture of and send you guys the picture and of course I will translate it because it is really cool... it made me all teary eyed when I read it!! 

We are doing good here in our ward! I love it here and me and my comp are still getting along so that is always good. I think the best news is that I am still healthy!!! haha Mom, did you get the email from Sister Spjut about those diseases here in El Salvador?? Just so that you can feel a little bit better:) 

So thats pretty much it for me! Im doing good. This week we did some service for a lady in our area. She asked us to come cut all of the grass and weeds and plants that have grown about knee high out side of her house... but here they dont ask you to cut it they ask you to chop it... they just give you a machete and tell you to chop it all down!! I never knew how many blisters I could get on one hand!! haha 

Anyways I'm doing good! Thanks for the emails... I cant believe Haley sat in on the surgeries... I'm not surprised she threw up!! haha 

I love you all so much!! and will talk to you soon:)
elder baker

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