Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 59

Hi everyone!! Well it sounds like this last week was a little crazy for you guys... haha I am so happy to hear that dad is doing so good!! I was nervous for him too. and lots of prayers went out to him!! There were times where just during the day it would cross my mind and I would stop and say a quick prayer for him! But I am happy to hear that all of the prayers paid off and that he is ok!! 

.... I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE HALEY IS GOING SKY DIVING!!!! That is one of my biggest dreams!! I want to do that sooo bad. She is so lucky. Im sure she is going to love it!! But whats more crazy than her jumping out of a plane is that she is turning 18!! She's so old. haha but she looks so good and happy. 

Haha and I love that Seth and DJ took dad some presents... I miss you all so much!!! 

I am doing good. I LOVED was amazing!! I really really liked one of the prayers that was said. In the prayer the person said "please bless all of the missionaries, their parents, and their grand parents". I thought of you guys when he said that!! There were so many good talks that Im not sure if I have a favorite!! But it gave me some ideas of things I can change here in the mission and some ideas for after the mission too!! 

As for the week we had a good week.. we do have two baptism dates for this week! haha sorry ive been a little bad at giving you updates on investigadores!! Their names are Pedro and Estevan! They are both awesome!! Pedro has like almost finished the Book of Mormon and hasn't even been baptized yet!! So this week should be a good one!! I love you all so much and miss you like crazy. Finish watching the conference cuz it was amzing!!! adios. 

Hey and I heard about some disease that started in Africa that is now in the US... everyone is freaking out about it here... even though it doesn't exist here. Is it really as big of a deal as they make it sound!?

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