Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 96

Hello!!:) Well it sounds like everyone is doing amazing. So, that makes me happy:) ...and it looks like everyone is having a great summer!! Everything you guys are doing always sounds super fun. Even though I can't be there with everyone, for right now, it makes me happy that everyone is having a good time. These last couple of weeks have been very very stressful and full of lots of stuff to do... with the visit of Elder Alonso last week, changes this week, and the leadership council next week there is always lots to do!! We also starting planning the temple trip which is on August 7th. ...but one thing is for sure and that is that with so much to do time flys!! I can not believe I am in my last change. 

To answer your question mom... yes I will be finishing the mission as an assistant. Which is nice because I will end up finishing with 7 and a half months in this area! Which is great:) 

Anyways, there was a pretty cool experience I had this week...this week I had to go back to Molino (my last area) and while I was there I saw one of my converts and his brother that we activated when we baptized his brother. The one we activated now has his mission call and leaves for Nicaragua in September, and his brother that we baptized is now preparing to leave on his mission!! Oh I was so happy when I saw them and heard all of that. Knowing I was able to help somebody join the church and someone else go back to church and now they are going to go do the same with other people. haha I was very excited for them!! 

Well, other than that everything is going great. 19 missionaries went home this change, and so the mission just keeps changing... but its all good:) I love you all and thanks for everything! I will talk to you soon.    
elder baker

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