Friday, July 3, 2015

Week 97

Hello!! Well, sounds like it was a super crazy week!!! haha Lots of crazy stories, parties, injuries, surgery's, and it just looks to me that everyone was having lots of fun!:) Except dad of course... I'm sure that was pretty hard! But, he will be ok. Especially because he got a blessing! Other than that accident it sounded like a pretty fun week:) 

That is awesome that Haley has decided to go on a mission. It's just going to be crazy having to send out another one from the family, but she will love it! I'm very proud of her... and she will do great!! 

As for me I had a good week! The leadership council was great. This week actually went by very very fast!!! I felt like just yesterday I was sitting here writing you all and now I'm here again! ...but its just because we have been doing lots! The meeting and then inter changes on Tuesday and Thursday, so its just been kinda busy but its all fun and time flys!! 

My comp kinda got sick this week so one day we didnt leave to work cuz he said his body was hurting him so bad! So we just stayed in the house... which can be very boring!! But, he is feeling a little better now so thats the good news:)) oh and what is crazy now is that its July!!! I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July and they have fun! Its crazy that a year ago I was with Elder Griffin in Atiquizaya working in blue pants and red ties!! haha I feel like that was yesterday. Well, everything is great here.  I love you all lots. Have an amazing week, and I'll see and talk to you soon!! adios. 
elder baker

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