Friday, July 17, 2015

Week 99

Hi everyone!!:) Well, once again sounds like everyone had an amazing week. That's crazy Jace is now a priest... time is flying and he is growing up so fast!! I love that guy. Thanks for the pictures!! Everyone looks great. 

It seems like everyone is having fun! Every week I think I start to get more and more exited to see everyone. There is still lots to do here... thats for sure! But, I am getting very excited!! Thats cool school is starting up again! 
Summer went by pretty fast huh?? 

That is awesome Haley received her blessing I'm sure she loved that. That will help her lots now that she is preparing to go onto a mission!! 

Thanks for sending the topic for my talk. Now I can start working on that:) ...and good luck this weekend going to the three homecoming talks! I am sure that will be crazy, but it will be cool listening to all of them! 

As for my week, it was good! We started planning a little bit 
more for the temple trip coming up! To answer your, I wasn't able to go visit any of my old areas. But, we did do some iner changes this week! To be honest the week was just kinda a normal week... not too much exciting stuff!! 

We do have two baptisms planned for my last sunday in the mission! Brandon and Yahaira  Orillana. So we are excited for that!! Other than that we are just working hard, finding new people and trying to keep the area in good condition!! 
Thanks for everything! I loved the emails and pictures. 
Have an amazing week and I will talk to you soon. adios!!
elder baker

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