Friday, July 10, 2015

Week 98

Hello everyone!!:) Well, I can't believe two more of my friends are now home!! Its so weird seeing all of the pictures of everyone together. But, it makes me a little bit excited to see everyone again!!! I love getting all of the pictures and seeing how happy everyone looks. 

This week was very good! We has a district leader council for all of the DLs in the mission... so us and president were the ones talking and teaching! It was really good and everything went well. 

Then I got to go work in Atiquizaya again! haha its funny when the people see me because now all they say is "you are still here!?" hahaha but its always nice to go back and see people again:) ...but whats crazy is that exactly a year ago from today I was in Atiquizaya with Elder Griffin.  

This week I also got to go work in an area called Aldea, and i got to work with another elder that came with me and is leaving this same change so it was cool getting to work with him:) Other than that not too much happened this week! We are just working hard and trying to keep things rolling in the area and in the mission. ...and time keeps flying! This week was another one that just flew... but thanks for everything!! 
I loved all of the pics!! I will talk to and see you all soon. 
love you!!!
elder baker

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