Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 81

Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that this email is going to be very short cuz I want a little bit more time to email mom and talk about school and stuff!! 

The week was great. Today we had a special meeting for district leaders. So we have been with all of the district leaders of the mission, teaching them and stuff. Then on Wednesday we had the leadership council which i always love!! I learn a lot.... and..... WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS! haha I have been wanting to watch that pretty bad and Pres. finally showed us!! 

The best part of the week is that the fam Acevedo gets baptized tomorrow. So, I am very happy about that. We had a very spiritual lesson with them. When baptism for the dead got brought up... after teaching for a little bit, he had a question about some of his family members that have died...  where they are right now and how he can help them. He just started to cry saying he needed to go to the temple. 

Well i love you all sooo much and thanks for all of the emails. Sorry the letter is so short, but I will talk to you all soon. adios!!!
elder baker

ps--here is the picture for the week!

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