Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 76

Happy monday!! Well, it sounds like everyone had a great week... and that always makes me happy:) No broken bones, lots of school and work, and getting ready for sports!! It sound like everything is just going back to normal and how it has been for years!!;) haha 

Anyways, I had a good week! I got to go back to Magdelena!!!! My first area. It was crazy! Its been over a year since I had set a foot in that place! I loved it. Seeing the people again, talking to them, and taking the missionaries to some of the old investigators we had that never got baptized so they can start teaching them again! Being able to talk to and see how the missionaries are doing there! Then after I left Magdelena, I went and worked in Atiquizaya!! haha My second area. So it was a pretty cool week! The bishop heard I was coming and invited us to dinner and it was cool to see all of the new people they are teaching! After that we left to visit some other areas, but it was pretty much a normal week, just lots of lessons and traveling!! haha but I love it! 

Today we were in our meeting with President and we were talking about how the mission is doing... and its just cool talking about and seeing how the mission is and what we can do better, talking about sending missionaries to other areas or future leaders in the mission! It just an experience that I am going to be so grateful for the rest of my life! Its been such a blessing. Well thanks so much for the emails. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing so good! I love you so much and I'm still alive after two weeks of driving in elsalvador. haha love you so much!!  
elder baker

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