Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 77


    Well it was a good week! I did get to go back to Atiquizaya again, so that was cool! I love going back to my old areas and working there. Other than that I went and visited areas I have never worked in, but it was cool!! I love that I'm getting to know the whole mission and all of the missionaries! Its an awesome experience. 

Well something crazy is that this week we had the "leadership meeting" that we have once every month... and I have gone to so many and I loved them because I always felt like I learned so much!! But, this week I had to teach in it... for the first time I didnt get to go just to sit and learn!!! Me, Elder Contraras, Elder Juarez, Elder Griffin and president were the ones teaching the meeting! Was i a little nervous?? Yes!! hahaha... it was just something new!! But, I liked it! That is something that the mission has helped me with... giving lots of zone meetings and now leadership meetings! I have learned how to plan, and teach in front of big groups of people! Talks aren't as bad for me now... haha but thats pretty much my week!  

A cool experience that happened this week was seeing an investigator that I visited with some other missionaries at the begining of this change, and that we had put a baptismal date with, and when I saw him again he came up and said "Hey Elder Baker.. I got baptized!!" ...and it just felt good knowing I got to meet him and see him make the decision to be baptized and than a couple of weeks later he remembered me and he is a member now!!:) haha 

I can't even describe how many blessings I have recieved this change!! But, I am so thankful for them:) 

I am glad to see that everyone is doing good! ...and that they are skating:) haha I love my family and miss you all lots! The lessons sounded great mom!! It was planned very well. Thanks for everything and I will talk to you soon!! adios. 
elder baker
                                                                                                                                         ps, yes i got the camera!!

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