Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 84

Hello!! Well, I'm very tired because this has been a very crazy week. All week we have gotten home late... Tuesday we recieved all of the new missionaries and helped them with all of the orientation stuff and then that night we went with them to the dinner at presidents house. After they all left we stayed at the house of pres planning changes till like 11, finally got home and slept to get up at 530 to get everything ready for the changes meeting. Then all of the missionaries that were going home stayed at our house Wednesday night before they all left Thursday at 3am so they didnt sleep much... hahaha then Thursday we planned and got everything ready for the temple trip and then Friday was the temple trip. We left at 530 am and got home at 930pm... lots of running around!! haha I'm still sore!! We were just making sure everything was working right...that the teaching stations were teaching for the right amount of time and then transfering the groups... we had 1230 people there!! Then there were are 6 elders from the office, pres and his wife and us that had to run it all. It was crazy!! ...but then afterward they took us to Chilis... I might have cried I was so happy!! hahaha Just kidding but it was AMAZING!!! I'll send some pics. That pretty much it!! Conference is awesome!!! I am loving every talk. ...and yes the crazy thing is that I'll be home for the next one!! Thanks for everything. I love you all! adios.
elder baker

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