Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 51

Hey!! Well it sounds like once again everyone is doing great!! That makes me happy. haha. I love all of the pictures. The picture of the Monster Pong kit made me laugh.. hahaha.   

That is awesome that you found that mission page on Facebook!! I remember that like it was yesterday!! Time goes by so fast. 

Anyway... that would be awesome if Shaun came here!! I could tell her all of the secrets about El Salvador. Haha

Anyway I am doing good!! This week was a little crazy... We had a leadership meeting on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we went to the temple with all of our investigadores again!! It was awesome. I LOVE the temple here in El Salvador!! I cannot wait for the next time that we get to go and enter. We had 62 investigators come as a zone. So that’s pretty good! I am excited to see some of the results of the temple trip. Like baptisms!! We have some really positive people right now!! Karla (the one with a date) will be baptized this Saturday!! So I am happy about that. OH and the investigators that me and Elder Griffin put the dates with, before I left, got baptized on Sunday!!! I was very happy to hear that...even though I couldn’t go.  I am so happy to hear that they were able to get baptized!! We are doing better here in our area!! We have a lot of ward activities planned and the members here are amazing!! This last Sunday we had 207 people in church!!  That’s the first time that ever happened here!! So this ward is amazing. The best I’ve been in during my mission. 

Me and my comp are doing good!! We are all having fun and livin it up here in El Salvador. We all have fun in the house. The best thing about this area is that every night we have members that give us food!! Haha... I love that. It also means we have to be working out... see we have been running and working out every morning!! So we can stay looking good;) hahaha

….oh and the name of Elder Galvin's comp is Edgardo Mejia!! 

Anyway I am doing good!! I miss you all like crazy. I will talk to you soon!!

elder baker

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