Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 9

Hello!!! How was everyone's week!? My week was good!! Last Monday, after we emailed, we went and saw a one of the Mayan Ruins! We had to look at it from outside of the fence so I couldn't get any good pictures with it... but I will send the ones I got!

Ok, so some good comp and me had our first baptism this week!! It a pretty cool story! We were teaching the family and they were just saying they weren't ready yet. The dad doesn't know if he has gone long enough without smoking, yet, to be baptized. But, then their 13-year-old son Andres was just like, "I want to be baptized!!" and his family said they would support his decision! So we baptized him this last Saturday. Elder Cruz did the actual baptizing but it was still so awesome!!! I'll send the pictures of that too!! So this week was good!

At the beginning of the week we did inter changes, because of the baptism interviews and stuff, and the comp I had for that day spoke no English and has a problem with his speaking from when he was a kid. So that was a little hard!! But we actually did really well together that day!

Well, what's going on at home!? I hope everyone is doing good! To answer some of your questions...I cook food in the morning to eat! What do I want sent to me? ANYTHING! Always feel free to send food! Peanut butter and stuff like that is always nice!! But yeah, you can always send me food!

My comp and me are good! There is obviously stuff he does that bothers me!! But, we get along good! We are doing pretty good teaching in lessons and stuff! Well, the mission is awesome! The people are great! I really like my zone and district! So meetings are always fun!! As my Spanish is getting better so is the mission! I love you all and will talk to you soon! :)

elder baker

haha the one with the bird is a little blury.. so sorrry!!

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