Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 8

Hello!! How is everyone doing!?  I am doing good. This week went well. I am getting use to all the walking, so that is probably why!! 

Ok so you asked me to answer a couple of questions, so I will start by answering them!  I sleep in a bed! haha (luckily) The food isn't bad!! I read Gunners emails and see what he eats, so I will NOT complain about the food!! We have a lady who cooks for us, but only lunch, and its not bad! This week she gave us a whole fish! Head, tail, bones, everything!! Hahaha, but it wasn't too bad, just weird!! 

I don't get bit too much (by bugs) because I am literally covered in bug spray 24/7!! Even when I sleep!! Oh and this is kind of crazy, most of this week I showered out of a bucket!! Haha it was a little weird... but not too bad!!! 

Anyway, what happened this week? I went to a baptism!! I didn't do the baptizing, but I stood in on the giving of the Holy Ghost! That was awesome!! It was two teenage boys, both were 15 and their names were Jose and Alex!! They are awesome!!! 

We went to our ward for the first time this Sunday because last week we were in the chapel in the city watching conference. But, our church building is literally just a metal shed!! We have about 50 members that live in our area!! The members are all awesome!! So it was fun to be with all of them!! They all say my Spanish isn't bad for the amount of time I have been out!! Some people are just a little hard to understand, mainly the old guys with no teeth!!! Hahaha but it actually gets better almost everyday!! ...and for me I am just working on figuring out the accent while I speak Spanish so they understand me better! 

Lets see, I took some pictures this week so i will send them. Oh ok, so we have some investigators with baptism dates!! So lets hope they continue to feel good about it because that would be awesome!! I pray for all of them every day!! Then I will have my first baptisms. Thats exciting!! Well this week was good! It was pretty hot, but it was good!! It went by a lot faster than last week! Well I love you all so much and I will talk to you soon!!! Love you!!!!!!

elder baker

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