Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 22

Hello!!!!! I'll start with your email... I am sooo jealous that you guys all get to go to the Gilbet Temple!!!!! It looks soooo beautiful!!!!! I am so beyond excited for Megan and her decision to be baptized!!!!! I literally screamed YES!!!!!! when I read that:) That is so awesome!!!! 

Haha I loved all of the pictures of Fred!!! He looks so good and happy!! ...and I'm also very happy the boys got to go through the temple and have that experience!!!

Lets see.. I had a good week!!!!!! We have two baptisms this saturday!!!:)))) I can't wait for that!!!!! ...and we've just been working super super hard latley!!! I litterally feel like we don't have enough time in the day to get evrything we need to done... but in some way I know that that is a good thing!!! ...and I'm having fun!! ...but being that busy really makes time fly super fast!! This week went by soooo fast!!! I can't believe its Monday again... 

But, I need to tell you guys about the two girls we are baptizing on Saturday!!!!! So we got home last Monday from p day and we had a message from one of our members saying they had two people that wanted to take the missionary lessons, so we went over that night and taught the first lesson!! I can honestly say it was probably the most spiritual lesson of my entire life... it was literally hard to talk sometimes, and at the end we had Ingrid, the investigator, say the closing prayer and in the prayer she asked for the strength to be baptized this month and started to cry, it was such an amazing lesson and the spirit was so very strong!!! We have gone over everynight this week teaching all of the lessons and we invited them to be baptized on the 25th and they said yes!!! The cool thing about the other girl is that she can't hear or talk... but, she can read lips when we talk !!!!! So when we teach her the lessons she is just watching our mouths and knows what we are saying!! They are both amazing and I am sooooo happy for them!!!!!! Their names are Ingred and Idalma:) 

But, for my stories this week I have two short ones.... I found a dead moth in my food while I was eating, and there was a freaking rat in our house!!!!!!!! hahahaha I freaked out a little bit...

Well that is pretty much it for this week!! I love you all so much!!:) 
elder baker

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