Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 20

Hey Mom!!! Ok first... I cant believe he is going to freaking London !!!! I literally just told all of the elders here how sick his flight plan is... but its also a VERY long flight!!!! hahaha

Anyway... I had a good week. Me and my comp are doing good!! We are pretty good friends, and that makes time go SO fast!!!!!! I can't believe me and him have already been together for 5 weeks now. I am glad to hear Fred is all ready to go and excited !! And OF COURSE he had a lot of girls show up to his open house... hahaha!!  

Your question about the spanish.. I learn new stuff every week!!! But its hard to say what it is that I learn.. my spanish has definitely gotten better with Elder Hernandez because he can not speak English!!!! 

Something else that is super cool is that on the 23rd of January, Elder Cook of the quorum of the 12 is coming to talk to us!!!! Im am SO very excited for that!!!!!! That will be so freaking cool. I can't wait.... and its with the other mission which means that Blake Murphy will be there!! So I am going to email him because we need to take a picture together!!!! 
I am doing good!:) I'm healthy!! We went to the furthest part of our area this week for the first time.. it took us about 40 min on a bus!!! Its the last city before Guatemala named El Coco!! I felt pretty close to Mitch!! haha 

I miss you guys tons!!!!! I still can't believe we skyped on Christmas... thats crazy to me and I would do anything to do it again!!!! OH... we found out who our new mission presidents are going to be!!! They are white!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha They come in June. So that will definitely be a big change in the mission!!!! But it will be cool. Well I love you all tons!!!! and I will talk to you soon!!:) 

Oh and something cool about the work we are doing here... this saturday me and my comp are doing an activity in the morning for the youth in the ward!! We are playing volley ball and throwing water balloons!!! haha it will be super fun!!!!! 
 Well love you all tons!!:) 

elder baker

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