Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 23

Hi everyone!! I am glad to hear about how great everyone's week went!! ...and I am beyond happy for Megan. I prayed for her this week and I'm so happy for her!! ...and I am happy that my sister Haley is being a little missionary!!! I am beyond jealous how much you guys get to go to the temple. It looks amazing!!! ...and so does my family when they are standing in front of it!!!! I love seeing the picture with the missionaries... 1) they are both white and 2) I know they are talking english... hahaha I'm a little jealous!! ...but I would
NEVER want to switch missions even if i could... I love it here!!!!!!

Sooooo we had our 2 baptisms on Saturday!!!! It was awsome:) I asked a member to baptize one of them and my comp baptized the other!! It was amazing. Lots of people from our branch showed up!!! ...and I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.. just like Haley!!!! haha they gave me about a thirty second heads up that I would be giving it!! haha but the baptism was amazing!! We confirmed them members at church the next day!!!! I loved it.

On Thursday Elder Cooke, from The 12, came and talked to us!!!! It was amazing. He was so amazing to listen to!!!! I could literally sit there and listen to him talk ALL day. It was soooo cool!! He is such an amazing person with a VERY strong spirit you could literally feel it when he walked in the room!!!! ...and then afterwards when I thought the day couldn't get any better... it did!!! WE GOT FREAKING TACO BELL!!!!!! I didn't even know that existed here!!!!! I was in love.... When God created this world he must have known I was going to be serving the Lord here so he put a Taco Bell in the country just for me:) haha it was amazing!!!!!!

Well this week was super good!!! ...and I can't believe I'm starting my last week of the change!!!! I love you all and will talk to you soon!!!!
elder baker

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