Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 24

Hello!!!:) I'm glad to hear once again that everyone's week went well!!!! ...and that the temple has been probably one of the biggest parts of your lives latley!!!!! hahaha I'm sorry that the Super Bowl sucked... I wanted the Broncos to win too!!!!

Well to answer your questions... changes are this wednesday!!!! ...and I still don't know if I will be changed... hahaha so I guess that will have to wait till the next wek!!:) Sorry.. 

This week was alright... me and Elder Sutton got to do changes again!! ...and you know that is always fun!!!!:) We met this guy that had a pet squirrel... that was crazy!!! It was doing back flips in its cage and stuff!!! We took some cool pictures!! I will send you some:) 

I will tell you right now that my comp is really starting to bother me.. he doesn't want to work, he can't ever be on time to stuff, and he told me that if he is in this area another change he isn't going to work at all!!!! ...and I'm just like bro, you have a month and a half in this area, I have a little more than 5!!! haha But, I just kinda force him to work!!!

Lets see... we had a cool experience this week!! We had our ward activity this Thursday, and we had a a new girl show up that we had never seen before!! So we started talking to her and she doesn't live in our area. As we started talking to her I literally felt so bad for her!!! She has a very messed up life.  She cuts her self, she is depressed,  she doesn't have friends, nothing!!! So we started to talk to her about her Father in Heaven and the love he has for her!!! We told her that her body is a temple, and that we were there to help her!!! Then after we talked to her we said that we could talk to the missionaries in her area so they could visit her and she said she only wanted us to and that she would come to our area every time so we could teach her!!!! ...and on Sunday she came to church!!!!!!:) It was litteraly amazing!!!!!

Well I love you all so much! ...and I love getting the emails!!!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!

elder baker

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