Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 25

Hello!!! Ok, first, sorry about last week. Right after I sent the email I had to get off!! So, I wasn't able to reply back. I'm very sorry. Second, to answer your question about the changes, I AM IN THE SAME AREA AGAIN!!!!!!! ...with the same comp, haha! I am still in my first area!!! At the end of this change I will have 7 months in the mission and 6 months in this area!! haha   I was happy when i found out!! I didn't really want to leave!! I like the area and the zone!!!! So I am happy that I am here again:) 

Lets see... this week we had an amazing lesson with a new lady named Estella... that we found when we were knocking doors!!! We taught her lesson 1 about the restoration and came back to teach her again the next day. We started the lesson with asking her if she was able to pray about the first lesson and she said that she had prayed... and that after her prayer something weird had happened. She said that after the prayer she just started to cry for a long time and she didn't know why because even though she was crying she felt good!! So we explained to her that she was feeling the Spirit and that that is an answer she was receiving. Then after we started to teach lesson 3 and she loved learning more about baptism!!!! Then at the end of the lesson she saw my comps oil container and asked what it was for... we explained it was for blessings and she asked us to give her a baby a blessing!!! It was so spiritual. Then after, we invited her to say the closing prayer and in the middle of the prayer she just started crying so hard!!! ...and she was just thanking us for always coming back to teach her!! 

So that was a good experience of the week!:) 

I'm doing good!! Yes, I got your package. Yes, I got the blanket from Mayce, ...and sorry again for getting off so quickly last week!!!!!

Thanks for the emails and I will talk to you soon!!!:)

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