Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 27

Hello!!:) Well that is soooo sick about Jace!!!! I literally just yelled YES!!!!!!  He is gonna do so good!! haha I'm sure the house is gonna be pretty crazy for the next little while with mom being gone!;) But, I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing so good and that everything is going well back at home!!! 

I am doing good!! The bad news is that Estella didn't go to church... that really ruined my Sunday. But, now they are preparing to be baptized on the 9th of March not the 2nd!! So that was a little hard... but other than that the week was alright. My comp is still getting ready to leave on the 4th of March!! ...and I'm just waiting to see whats going to happen with me!! They think that I am going to stay in the area and just get a new comp!! So I'm hoping that is what is gonna happen because I don't want to leave!! But, we will know all of details next Monday!!

Wow... I feel really bad because the email is gonna be super short today. But, I honestly feel like nothing happend this week... we had some good lessons with Estella again!! She just has a very hard life... she has 3 kids... and her husband left her... and she has like no money... but she is so nice and loves when we visit them!! So, I can't wait for them to keep progressing!! 

Well, like I said I'm sorry cuz the email sucks... but i will talk to you soon!!:) love you!! 

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