Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 43

Hello!! Well... this week was good! The changes went good. I now have my new comp. I will tell you about him in a little bit... but the week was good!! We still have our baptism date for the 21 with Cecilia!! I’m super excited for that!! It's now President Cordon and Hermana Cordon's last week!! It is gonna be so weird getting a new president. We all have interviews with them this week before they leave and I cannot wait to be able to talk to them!! It will for sure be a little weird at first without them here. But I am sure I will love the new one just as much!!! 

Well about my new comp!! Haha this is probably gonna be the fastest changes of my mission cause we have so much fun together!! He was my zone leader before I came here...and now we are together!! His name is Elder Griffin and he is from Arizona!!! I think he lives like 20 or 30 minutes from our house!! Haha I remember when we would do inter changes when I was a district leader in his zone! We had so much fun... haha and now we are comps!! It's gonna be sick!! But he likes to work hard and he is a good zone leader. I will learn a lot from him!! He has like 3 months more than me in the mission, so he wont be going home super fast... hahaha!!

Anyways we had a good week!!! We have some goals we want to reach this change and we are working super hard!! Haha I don't think before the mission I would ever think about waking up at 5:30, to leave by 6:30, to walk around the entire area getting people to come to church!! Haha... at one point we were even running so we wouldn't be late!! Hahaha I just love this mission! 

Well Elder Neilson is now with his fam!! Haha... that is so weird to me... but they should be passing by Gilbert! He has a letter for mom and a little something else for mom too!! But that will be a surprise! :) 

But anyways I am good!! I am glad everyone is doing good!! That is awesome that Jace is going to football camp now! Is dad a coach still!? 

I love you all!!! And miss you tons. Love you!!!

elder baker

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