Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 45

Hello!! Well, I’m glad you all had fun in California, and that everything went well, except for the fraud problem!! I’m sure it was all fun though:)

That is awesome that Elder Neilson went over to our house! I’m a little jealous of the food he got to eat. He emailed me and said that it was super good! I am happy you all had fun and got to meet some of his family!! His brother is going to Taiwan!! Isn’t that crazy!? Haha who knows if I spelt Taiwan right... but, whatever!

Anyways, I am doing good! We had a baptism yesterday! Cecilia got baptized, it was super cool and me and Elder Griffin gave the musical number. It was a cool experience!! I definitely saw her make a lot of changes in her life to get to that point. Anyways we have another bap date for the 13th of July now, his name is Daniel! When he showed up at church, yesterday, he had on a Nike shirt that said... "Every damn day" Hahaha luckily no one speaks English!! So they don't know.

Lets see what else!? Haha I cant believe that Gage broke his arm!! He is just like me!!! ;)

OH! haha Mayce emailed me a picture this week that is super cool!! She is in Cali right now and she went to a store, on the beach, and there is a big picture of us and all our friends from when we went last year!! It is on the wall of the store!! haha I thought that was awesome!!!

Well, I love you all lots and I am glad you got the present mom:) I am doing good! I get to meet the new mission president tomorrow. Saying by to Pres Cordon was pretty hard and it will be weird now. But, I am excited to see what the new one does for the mission!!! Well love you and will talk to you soon!:)

elder baker

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