Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 46

Hello! Well this week was good!! 4th of July was a little weird... cuz nobody here even knows what it is! Me and my comp both wore blue pants, white shirt, and red ties!! haha

We are doing good! We had a pretty good week! The new president is super cool. He really is a lot different than pres cordon, but he is cool and a hard worker! He relies a lot on the spirit. We had a mission meeting with him, and the whole mission went. Then two days later we had the leadership meeting with just him and the zone leaders, so I got know him a little more! He has some great ideas and it has really helped us out this week!!

Lets see, we have some very positive investigators right now. Daniel still has his date for this Sunday, and we have 1 later named Yanira that is working for the 27th of July! She said she wants to be baptized that day, its just that for her to do it she cant miss a single Sunday before!! But, what would be really cool is that if she gets baptized the 27th of July... the 6th of August we have another trip to the temple for investigadores and new members and all the new members get to go in and do baptisms for their family members! So the 27th would be her baptism and the 6th she could go to the temple!!!! BUT the coolest part is that the 6th is the 2 year mark of her mom's death, so she could go do it for her!! So, that would be a cool experience!

Lets see... really everything is going well!!! Haha funny story... For the last couple of months I have had trouble sleeping because I will wake up in the night thinking I am teaching a lesson and I'll really just be sitting up in my bed teaching! It has gotten so bad that the other night I even got out of bed and on my knees to close the lesson with a prayer!! haha It sucks cuz I am always soooo tired! But I am all right... I guess that means I just think about the work a lot!!;)

As for you guys, I am glad that you all had a good week!! Cali looked fun and one question... who is the blonde kid!? I cant believe that Perry is already leaving for football camp! I feel like that was yesterday!!!

Haha and I love Gage... he is such a funny guy and he is gonna be such a stud!! Well I love you all so much!! Talk to you soon. 

elder baker

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