Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 48

Hello!! :) Well... I guess Ill start with the bad news, I freaking have changes!!!! I can’t believe I am already leaving this area… it's gonna be hard. There are lots of people I just dont really want to leave. But, I guess thats just part of the mission. So I am not gonna be with Elder Griffin anymore! But, you guys need to stay friends with his family. Ok!? 

Anyway... We did have a good week!! Sunday we ended up putting 3 more baptism dates (part of the reason I am so sad to leave) and we got some more help from the members this week! Daniel still hasnt gotten baptized... because he had surgery on his eye and he can’t go under the water! But, he says it’s the first thing he will do when he can!! So I’ll be happy to hear when he does get baptized!! :) 

I am doing good! We’ve been working out everyday! We switch off every other day with one day running and the next is weights!! I like it! 

Oh and something crazy!! Last night when I was sleeping, my bed started shaking and it woke me up... haha there was totally an earthquake!! It was pretty cool. It honestly feels like someone is shaking your bed! Haha!

Lets see what else... right now we have a really positive investigator named Celeste. She loves more than anything reading the Book of Mormon and when we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation she told us her dad had died when she was younger, so she loved learning about that and how she can see him again. She is an amazing person. She is one of the ones that has the date.

Well I am doing good!! Sad for the changes… but, good!  I love you all so much and I will talk to you soon!!!

elder baker

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