Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 49

Hi!!! Well, this week was good:) I am now in an area called Molino. its in the center of Santa Ana!!! So, it’s the most city I’ve seen my entire mission. I like it. Its been a little hard. Right now the area has 0 progressing investigatores, and 0 baptism dates. So, I just feel a little stressed because I am still zone leader and so I have the aps calling all the time asking about the area and why its not doing so well. But, I’ve been praying like crazy asking for personal revelation of how I can change the area!! So we have lots of work to do!! 

My comps name is Elder Hernandez. He is from Guatemala!! Haha... I went from having a white comp and always speaking English, to living with three Latinos! Haha, so its a little bit of a change!! But, I like it!! They are really funny and we get along.  Something else super cool about my ward… I dont know if you guys remember, but in the mtc I lived with an elder from Santa Ana!! I had told you guys about him and that he was telling us all about Santa Ana and stuff!! Well he is from the ward I am serving in!! I saw his picture on the wall and I was just like... I know him!!! Haha!! So I went and found his mom and just said, "hi are you Elder Florez’s mom??”... and she just said, “Yes!! He’s my baby boy!!" with a big smile!! I told her that I lived with him in the mtc and she just got so excited and called over her husband and other son and they invited us to dinner tomorropw night!!! So thats pretty cool.  

I also can't believe you guys got to know Elder Sutton!!!! He was like my best friend here in the mission. I love that guy!!! I was gonna tell you to go get to know him too! Haha so that makes me happy. Well thanks for the email. I am doing good!! I miss you all like crazy. Love you!!!! elder baker

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