Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 47

Hello!!! Well I'm glad to hear that you guys finally got together with Elder Griffin's fam, and that you guys had so much fun!! We are a little jealous of you guys... but not too jealous, cuz we are the ones in El Salvador ;) 

I can't beleive how much older Jace is looking!!! He looks great! I am also excited for his football games to start up again!!! 

I'll be honest, I don't feel like too much happened this week. So the email might be a little boring... haha sorry!! 

I will start with the questions you asked me... 

Daniel is good! His baptism is this Thursday and he has asked me to baptize him! 

Yanira... she didn't go to church so she cant be baptized before the temple trip!! She is just having trouble with work! 

Haha i havnt been teaching in my sleep lately, so thats good! I think I've just been very, very tired lately so I'm just out!! 

Yes, we stil walk EVERYWHERE!! and we cook for our selves!! haha so I hope that answered most of your questions!! 

I'm doing good!  We have found some really positive people during the week!  I don't have pics this week, but next week I will because we are going on a cool hike today!  So, I promise I will take pics.  

Me and Elder Griffin are getting along great, but we are getting close to the end of the changes.  So we are just curious to see what will happen! 

Ah!  We had our interviews with the Mission President this week!!  As we started, he just asked if we could do it in English cuz he wanted a break from Spanish!!  Haha and his poor wife can't even speak Spanish yet...she still has to learn!!

Well, sorry the email is not that great... but I love you all and will talk to you soon!!
elder baker

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