Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 26

Hello!!! Ok, thats awesome about Jace and that he wants to try out for baseball!!! and the has played so many sports this year!! I love the pictures of you guys at the park!! You  all look like you are having so much fun:) 

To answer your question...yes Elder Sutton is still here with me!! ...and we still have so much fun together!!!! haha But, it makes time here go by super fast and fun. That is sooooo crazy about how many people went through the temple for the open house!!! I'm sure it helped the missionaries so much in Gilbert! I can only imagine how awesome that would be!!!! 

As for this week, it was super good:)  Estella and her kids are good!! They weren't able to go to church last week, so coming up to this Sunday I was praying soooo much for them and that they would be able to go. Saturday, in the morning, two of her sons came to the youth activity we do in the chapel, and after the activity we walked them home and Estella was there. So we asked her if they were going to be able to go to church and she said yes!! We taught her all week and she seemed super excited!! So Sunday morning we walked to her house to pick her up, and she wasn't there. Neither were her kids!! It was a little upsetting... but then I just got this feeling like everything was going to be alright and that I didn't need to stress... so we just started to walk to church and when we got there they were already there!!!!!!!! I literally got the biggest smile on my face. she just said that they were waiting for us and just decided to leave cuz we were a little late!! But, she really liked it!!!!

So, we had a good week!!! We went to San Salvador twice because my comp got his visa and so we have been working with that a lot!! It kinda sucks... we had to wake up at 4 in the morning to get there... yeah after this change I will have 6 months in the area!! haha thats crazy..if i have another change here I will be here for two general conferences!! 
Thanks for the emails!!! I sure love you guys! 

This pic is my two best friends in the mission! I love them!!

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